How Companies Can Build A Freelance Stable

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What I do is I constantly post ads for people, so I am talking to – and interviewing – people all the time. If I find someone who I feel is a good fit, I’ll always let them know upfront that most of the work I have coming in is project-based. If they are OK with this, I will bring them on board and have them work on a few things for me personally, to see how they do.  I’m much more comfortable doing tests on my own things than on client projects. It’s a great way to test out their writing level, and it also gives them a comprehensive view of my standards and if they can adapt to the quality I require them to deliver.

This “test run” also answers some important questions: Does the quality of what the freelancers deliver match what’s in their portfolio?  Are they good at adhering to deadlines?  Do they ask questions if things are unclear?  How close to the final result is what was delivered?  How do they handle feedback and criticism?

If all goes well, I’ll put them into my freelance database and reach out with scopes of work for projects I think would make the most sense, based on price point and skill set, when they come across my desk. I’m a firm believer that you must match a freelancer’s skill with the right client, because some freelancers excel at specific content. For example, a freelancer may have a great aptitude for legal content, but would struggle with marketing or IT content. So my job is to identify a freelancer’s best qualities, and match them with clients for whom they can deliver outstanding content.

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Tabitha Jean Naylor is the owner of TabithaNaylor.com and a certified Inbound Marketing Consultant with close to a decade of experience in both B2B and B2C markets. A self-described digital marketing machine, she prides herself in her ability to craft text that generates action. Her intimate knowledge of how sales and marketing go hand-in-hand has resulted in a variety of successful campaigns for start-ups through NASDAQ traded companies.

Ms. Naylor holds a dual bachelor degree in Political Science and International Business from West Virginia University, where she graduated magna cum laude. Her experience brings a unique perspective to connecting with the online world community, especially given the variety of projects she has spearheaded. Her areas of expertise include Branding, Content Marketing, Copywriting, Graphic Design and SMM. Connect with her on Twitter @TabithaNaylor or visit TabithaNaylor.com


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