How to Improve Production Speed

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Whenever you get into the world of manufacturing and production there seems to be one thing on everyone’s mind and that is speed! Speed in how products are created and speed in when they are given to the customers. So naturally, figuring out how to make sure your production speed is as fast as it can be is going to be very helpful for your business.

However, increasing speed isn’t as easy as getting more done each day or turning the assembly lines to double speed. Instead, it is a careful balance between getting more done and also making sure that the products you do complete are done correctly. But there’s a lot that you can do to improve the speed of your production process, and this article is going to show you some of what you can do!

Solve Problems on Your Production Line

One of the biggest problems that can happen on a production line is whenever a machine stops. Whether it is a minor problem or a major shutdown, troubles on the production line can very easily cause a lot of problems and a massive backup and delay in production. You don’t want this to happen, so you should focus on making sure problems are caught and fixed before they send your production line off the rails!

Whether by investing in new advances in tech like this GigE Vision Camera or utilizing AI to scan your entire production line all at once, you need to check on your operations, processes, and machines as often as possible. While it might not seem like you are making your production line faster by doing this, you will be able to improve your production speed in the long run because you won’t be dealing with shutdowns and massive problems that can cripple your supply line.

Look for Advances in Parts and Part Production

Smalley wave springs, if you haven’t heard of them, then you need to take a look at this next part if any part of your production uses compression springs! Compression springs are typical springs that are used in all parts of the world and in all different parts of machines from watches and coffee pots to machines that can go under the sea and into space!

However, while the compression springs are very effective, they are also very big and take up a lot of space. With the gadgets and machines of today getting smaller and more compact, they take up a lot of space that these smaller gadgets just can’t afford to lose. That’s where wave springs come in because these springs are around 50% smaller than the standard compression springs, and they are also much more versatile and customizable. So companies can save space, still get the same result as if they had used the much bigger compression springs, and are also able to customize the wave springs to get what they need for whatever part they are making.

While you might not upgrade from compression springs to wave springs, you should take a look at any new advances in parts for what you are building or parts for the machines that are doing the producing. The more that you can make the process of building your items easier, the more advances in production you can make.

Learn Where Your Bottlenecks Are

Finally, if your operation has any bottlenecks, you need to learn where they are and how to make them wider. No company likes it when a product flies off the production line only to get stuck in a breakdown and suddenly slow down right near the end. Figure out whether the bottleneck is a human or a mechanical or an administrative problem, and then do whatever you can to rectify it and get the blockages cleared.

You might find that there are extra steps in the bottleneck that don’t need to be there, or that a machine in your production line is causing your issues. Once you learn what is squeezing the bottle, then you can get keep your speed at a good pace all the way through the entire process.

Never Stop Improving

As easy as it is to let your production fall into a rut once you have fulfilled some orders, you need to make sure that you are always looking to become better and faster. Even if you don’t think you need to be on the cutting edge, your competitors and your customers will be, so you might as well join them!

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