How To Make A Video Without Using A Video Camera

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We know that video marketing does wonders for local businesses. Now, what if you don’t have a video camera? What if you don’t know how to capture or edit? Don’t worry! There are tons of other ways to get your message across through videos without using a video camera! Here are three top tools you can use:

Make a slide show with ANIMOTO

  • Animoto will ease you from your stress and do everything to make your slideshow amazing. It will do all the nitty gritty – video effects, music, transition, etc.
  • Slideshows less than 30 seconds are free of charge. For unlimited full length ones, it costs only $5 per month. It’s such a small cost to pay for professional looking slideshows that you will be able to easily download and distribute on all your marketing channels.
  • How to create a video with Animoto:
    • Sign up and click “Create Video”
    • Choose what type of video you want (some options are only available to paying members)
    • Add images (you can also rotate or spotlight them), type in text, and select the background music
    • Click “Save”
    • Video length, image speed and video cover images are customizable
    • Click to create your video
    • Finished!
    • Choose if you want to remix the video, e-mail it, post it online, send to YouTube or download it.

Easy isn’t it? Now, you can have professional looking videos that will clearly display what your brand can offer your target market.

Make a screencast with JING

A screen cast is a digital recording of whatever is happening on your computer’s screen. It is also sometimes called as a video screen capture. This is perfect if you don’t want to be seen on-cam. You can do a voice over with your videos or slideshows.

  • It’s very simple to do – You can record everything that is showing on your computer screen and also the audio (if you are narrating or commenting on something).
  • Jing is online based so you don’t have to download anything and it’s FREE!
  • Easy to use – You just have to start up the online tool and press the record button. All the activity on your computer screen will be recorded and also the audio you want to include.
  • For the free version, you can do up to 5 minutes of screencast. It also saves your video as an SWF file, to be played with an Adobe Flash Player.
  • After your screencast, you can either save it on your computer or upload it on for free.
  • Hosting on the is free for 2 GB worth of storage space and 2 GB of bandwidth per month.
  • The PRO version will enable you to upload your final product directly to YouTube. You can also create an MPEG-4 file as an output. There are also other customization options wherein you can adjust what your viewers can see.

Make a slideshow presentation with POWERPOINT

  • Quick and easy which won’t take much of your time.
  • There are a lot of amazing options in creating slide transitions and text effects that will enhance the way you will get your message across more professionally and clearly.
  • You can also add a voice recording or song or you can record your voice over directly.
  • To create, just arrange your photos/images and text. Customize with transitions and effects and then save file. Then, click “Create A Video”.
  • You can upload the final product on YouTube.
  • It is perfect for presentations, product reviews, tutorials on product usage, etc.

There is another option on how to create a video using PowerPoint – you run the PowerPoint presentation as a slideshow and capture the slides using screen recording software like Ping. This method is discouraged since the option we detailed is much better.

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