How To Market Your Startup Business On A Shoestring Budget

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dollar-stairs-300x188  Starting a business can be an uphill ride and marketing it a hike up the mountain. After you have started your company, you need to sell products and services to keep it running and growing. The only way you will reach out to more consumers and turn them to loyal customers is through marketing campaigns. A lot of businesses have managed to move up the ladder and grown from home businesses to large companies through intense but planned marketing strategies.ย  If you have just started out, you probably do not have the financial power for big campaigns but you can still make a difference. Here is how:

1. Solve The Customerโ€™s Problems

Young businesses have one weapon in marketing that they can effectively use in marketing and this is quality. Your bullโ€™s eye when starting a company should be to provide quality products and services that will solve the consumersโ€™ needs and leave them satisfied. The reason why you should insist in quality is because this is how you will get the most effective and cheapest marketing strategy; word of mouth. If you build a good business with high quality products and services, consumers will buy from you and tell other consumers about it and soon you will be a household name.

2. Market Segmentation

The biggest mistake you can ever make when marketing a young business is to ignore market segmentation. You cannot simply think of your customers as a whole, you have to identify where to find which customers and how. Take a look at different ways to introduce your business to the consumers through online and offline strategies. Identifying your target market will allow you to focus on the best time and places to market your business. After finding your target consumers, give them something they can talk about. This can be in form of content marketing online or social media marketing strategies.

3. Branding

Since you need to brand your business whether or not you are on a tight budget, you should do it in such a way that it is not just a brand; it is a unique business that attracts the target audience. Create logos and choose color themes that will contribute a great deal in introducing your business to the target audience and represent it the way you want. For recognition use your branding strategies on everything from receipts, invoice, social media pages, websites and anything else associated with the business.

4. Social Media

Your marketing strategies can easily go viral with the help of social media platforms. The best part of using social media to market your young business is the fact that you will not need to pay anything as long as you are not using the ad features. Most platforms will have tools that you can use to create buzz around your brand and if the audience likes what they see, they will share with friends who will share with friends and soon, it will be a viral thing.

5. Take Advantage Of Blogging

A lot of consumers are in love with blogs because most of them provide a good read. You can run a simple blog about the industry you operate in and general topics that your audience might be interested in. When writing the blogs, at least 2 to 3 times a week, make the content useful to your audience. Avoid focusing too much on your business, products and services and concentrate on providing your audience with information they can use to make their lives better. This will give you a platform to occasionally market new products and services and the reception will be great.

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