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What Are Our Ideal Work Hours?

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The workplace has changed over the last few decades.

Once, what was most important were things like adhering to a certain set schedule from nine to five. That was expected and demanded.

But the workplace has changed and workers have changed, too.

Think about technology, for example. The ability to have access to contact thatโ€™s instantaneous and breaks barriers of time zones and location has meant that you can and should do business at any time and in any place.

And with that, people who work for you have decided that the constant access and the quest to balance life and work means that you might not want to be that person from decades ago who works traditional hours.

Do you share that thought with others, and if so what do they want their hours to be?

This graphic helps to explain what people are seekingโ€ฆ and what they might want for the future.


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