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Improving Safety and Wellbeing at Your Company

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Looking after the health and wellbeing of your staff is vital, it’s only by doing so that you’ll keep your company successful, and eventually improve your ROI. If you’re wondering how you could stand to improve safety and wellbeing, let’s take a look at a few key focus areas.

1. Try Staff Wellness Tools

To look after the health and wellbeing of your staff it can be helpful to try a few staff wellness tools, such as these:

  • Woliba: Woliba is a platform for staff engagement, employee wellness, and recognition. It has all the features you need to help staff a nice work-life balance. The tool provides content to help with physical health and mental health. Areas of focus include stress, lifestyle, nutrition, and the workplace.
  • Limeade: With the help of the Limeade software you can support your staff with inclusion, engagement, and wellness. The tool offers plenty of amazing content, whether it’s work-related, or emotional.

2. Prevent an Excess of Over Time

The modern world of business is currently facing a burnout crisis, and employers must respond accordingly. To help your staff to stay healthy, it’s vital to prevent staff from working an excessive amount of overtime. At the same time, ensure that any deadlines and workloads you set are manageable. Staff will quickly become less productive and more stressed when they are met with unmanageable workloads and deadlines.

3. Frequent Breaks

Simple, but essential, you’ll need to encourage your staff to take frequent breaks, to relax, and wind down. With enough frequent breaks throughout the day, your employees will feel healthier, plus far more productive. If your staff aren’t taking enough breaks, it can be useful to create a break rota system, to give them a little help.

4. Schedule Enough Risk Assessments

You must schedule enough risk assessments to ensure that you’re keeping your business safe. As well as this, regularly review your health and safety policies, and provide frequent training. Depending on your setting you’ll require different safety equipment, whether it’s ergonomic furniture or Atrium Smoke Curtains, ensure that you have the protection you need, to keep staff safe.

5. Improve on Company Culture

Companies with a strong company culture tend to have happier and healthier staff. In addition, such businesses even experience less turnover. When you focus on enhancing your culture, you’ll end up boosting wellbeing at the same time. To improve your culture, create a great staff recognition program, and schedule regular feedback sessions. It’s important to ensure that staff feel valued within their positions. It can also be useful to encourage autonomous teams, to give staff members more responsibility. At the same time, arrange plenty of work social events, to improve team bonding and morale.

6. Create a Healthy Environment

Lastly, make a few adjustments to your office environment, to ensure that it’s as healthy as possible. To get started, try investing in air filters and plants, improving the natural light, and providing under desk bikes for exercise. It’s essential that your staff feel comfortable and safe if they are to perform to the best of their ability.

It’s so important to have healthy employees, to keep your business strong and productive. With areas to focus on, there’s always an opportunity to improve wellbeing at your company.

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