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Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Shipping

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If you want to create a successful company, you’ll need fast, reliable, and efficient shipping processes. For example, Amazon is well-known for its shipping, and the company has over 80 million customers who subscribe to its services. While you may know the basics of shipping, there are plenty of little-known bits of information that you can use to help your business. Learn some of these interesting facts you might not know about shipping to run a successful business.

There’s a Reason for Brown Packaging

Did you know that there’s a reason most packages are brown? The reason why many people use brown packaging when shipping their items is that the color hides dirt. If you ship products in white packaging, all the dirt they encounter on the way would clearly show. However, it’s very difficult to spot any dirt or dust on brown packaging.

Pirates Actually Exist

Pirates aren’t just in the movies or ancient times. Unfortunately, they still exist to this day and can cause serious problems for shipping companies. Pirates can board ships, damage or steal cargo, and more. This is one of the reasons why cargo insurance is important in international shipping. You need to protect yourself and your company financially just in case criminals steal your items. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen often. But it’s always best to be prepared.

Free and Fast Shipping Is an Excellent Incentive

If you want to motivate your customers to purchase your products, you should have fast and free shipping. Additionally, customers are more likely to buy your products again when you offer this kind of shipping. If you want to motivate your leads, be sure to offer and advertise free, speedy shipping.

Customers Enjoy Tracking Their Packages

Another interesting fact you might not know about shipping is that customers love to track their packages. Of course, customers probably feel excited to use your products and want them to arrive as quickly as possible. Many customers enjoy tracking their packages so that they know the exact time that they will arrive. If you can, be sure to send your customers updates and let them know the location of their items and when they will reach their final destinations.

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