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Keeping Your Office in Tip-Top Condition

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If you work in your office a lot, but don’t spend time in there otherwise, then it is really easy for it to get a little bit cluttered and dusty. Cleaning your office should be something that you try and fit in at least once a week. Having messy and dust around you has an impact on how easy you are going to find working in there, and can impact your productivity levels too.

So here are some simple tips for you to follow to get your office space clean and serene.


Most businesses, freelancers and content creators will have some paperwork in the office. If your paperwork is all over your desk, on in a little pile on the floor, then it is time to tackle it. Getting proper storage that makes sense for your files is critical. If you have sets of paperwork per project, then consider a larger filing cabinet will sections that you can label.

If you have letters, invoices and other documents, then you might not need such a large solution. Wall pockets and desk trays can handle most of the paperwork. The key is labelling the folders and storage pockets correctly.


It is time to get the vacuum and the duster out. Even if you have laminated flooring, there will still be dust that gathers in the corners, and while carpets are excellent at hiding dust, you should still give it a good vacuum once a week at least. Dust down the shelves, your desk and other surfaces.

For the windows, you can use good old fashioned newspaper and vinegar, on invest in a cloth designed for glass – and it will be smear-free.


Consider how many times you touch your hair, face, eat some food, handle money – and then type. Or use your mouse. That is a lot of grime that builds up pretty quickly. Depending on the style of keyboard you have, dust and crumbs can fall between the keys too. Rather than attempt to vacuum your keyboard, get some cleaning putty gel. It will roll between the keys and pick up debris, and you’re not at risk of losing your keys into a vacuum bag.

This is also the perfect time to sort through your files, folders and photos. Run any updates that you need on your computer and check that your printer drivers are all up to date. Check the type of printer, and then learn how to update hp 4520 driver or a range of other drivers by following that link.

Remove files you don’t need or use, label everything correctly and move things you may need in the future, but not right now to an HDD.

And finally, pay attention to the surface of your desk. Lift up mouse mats, move the keyboards and other items and clean it down with a good disinfectant. A clean office will mean that you aren’t carrying an extra mental load when you really need to concentrate on work.

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