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Know the Numbers When Building Content Marketing Plans

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Women are justifiably wary about female-specific content that has no relevance to any gender. Take, for example, the ridiculousness of the “Bic for Her” pen designed for women.

Is this really necessary?

The truth is that marketing plans are less gendered than some business models would have you believe, and it is more important to look at hard metrics, rather than try to second guess through the lens of a female perspective.

Within these 100 content marketing statistics curated by Siege Media, you can see that while there are some variances in gendered response to content marketing, the percentage difference is usually not very large.

For example, while 23% of women are said to be emotionally driven to comment on a video, 6% more men are driven to comment. While there is a 6% difference, and it might be a surprising metric, it is not significant enough to upend any marketing strategies.

The gendered statistic with the most variance in the bunch says that men are 10% more likely to watch branded content on YouTube. While this might feel significant when considering your branded video content, ultimately, it’s likely not enough to categorically shift your marketing plan.

Take a look at this interactive for more statistics to help you understand how best to leverage your content marketing future!


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