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Why Lean Six Sigma Training Is Important for Your Business Growth

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When it comes to business growth, you must keep finding better ways to improve your business model. It can benefit you in a number of ways, and one of the main reasons is to increase your clientele, which is the ultimate goal of every significant business.

To achieve that organizational goal, you’ll have to provide your customers with high-quality products and services. Moreover, you’ll have to keep trying and minimize your resources’ wastage, which ultimately enhances your productivity.

This simple yet effective technique is known as The Six Sigma Methodology. But, many of you must be asking – what is Six Sigma, and where did it exactly come from?

Simply put, Six Sigma Methodology teaches you techniques that are deep-rooted in statistics of your company resources. You can use this data to find the most practical solution to the current processes of your organization. Furthermore, you can use the results to measure your actions’ output and compare it with the previous results to find a perfect solution.

Additionally, the Six Sigma Methodology helps you find issues in processes that cause wastage of resources. More than often, not only your employees are unaware of these issues but also the top management. And this is the reason why the Six Sigma Strategy becomes a crucial part of the growth of your business model at each level of management.

Further, we discuss Six Sigma training’s advantages in an organization and how your company can benefit from its implementation.

Fewer Errors and More Productivity

As mentioned earlier, Six Sigma gives your organization the benefit of smoother operations and improved results on your current processes. With the use of three pillars of this technique: Methodology, Metrics, and Philosophy.

  • With Methodology, you find out how a process delivers goods and services to a client. Moreover, Six Sigma uses the DMADV model to build a new strategy and the DMAIC model to enhance an existing process.
  • With Metrics, you can correctly evaluate the areas of maximum/minimum output and production. It will help you find errors and the potential factors that can hamper your business growth.
  • And last, Philosophy, you can help your organization reduce errors by making better decisions.

Workforce Empowerment

The principles of the Six Sigma strategy put great stress on the empowerment of employees. It encourages you to entrust your faith in the employees at every level of the organization. Since frontline workforce and middle managers usually have a better understanding of the production process’s daily workings.

Six Sigma training can provide your employees with a great chance of improvement while providing them with multiple tools to better implement your organizational goals. If you want your business to grow, provide your employees with an opportunity to improve with Lean Management Consultancy services. As your employees learn more reasons to strengthen themselves by enhancing the managerial skills – they focus on using the techniques they have learned, which can further assist them in their professional growth.

Methodical Use of Resources

Six Sigma can also help your organization to conserve and better use its resources. It can further support the management in the systematic use of resources that minimize wastage of resources while increasing your organizational processes’ productivity. This point was explained at the Texas technology Showcase of the year 2003.

The study revealed that with the Six Sigma Principles’ help, Dow’s Styrene Unit Energy Envelope Project reduced energy consumption by 80 MMBtu per hour. It proves that this methodology reduced their emissions and improved the efficiency of the processes.

Reduce Production Costs

A great example that has obtained the benefits of Six Sigma principles is the United States Army, as they announced savings of nearly $2 billion using these excellent techniques in their work-frame. To achieve this level of excellence, the US Army lowered its cost by optimizing, communicating, and scheduling all the classes of services that focus on task management.

Now, the US Army is a firm believer in Six Sigma principles, and that is why they continue using their strategy to this day.

Earn More Customers

Another excellent example of the Six Sigma methodology is Citibank. With the implementation of this methodology’s principles, the management streamlined and optimized business processes that were creating dissatisfaction among their clients.

The Citibank management executed a reporting process that helped them find the areas that can grow from the perspective of a customer. And after identifying these areas, they worked hard on modifying these processes to meet their customer needs. It helped them earn more customers while increasing customer satisfaction and market share.

You Learn to Lead and Influence People

In every project management, leading your workforce and managing customers becomes an integral part of your growth and success. The lean Six Sigma principles are not just tools and methods – they are abilities that you can learn and use as a skill.

However, it is easier said than done. You’ll need continuous practice to grasp the concept of lean management fully. For someone who is not familiar with these principles, implementing these strategies proves difficult. But with a willingness to learn and grow, you can easily lead and influence others that provide your business with more reasons to expand.

To Sum It Up

If used practically, this simple technique can become a significant catalyst in the growth of your organization. Make sure you learn them and use these strategies to your advantage. Additionally, it helps you create a better working environment for your employees which can significantly motivate them with a renewed morale. However, it is a continuous process for you and your employees. Putting your faith in this methodology will create a long-lasting effect on your organization as it takes it to new heights.

Acquiring Six Sigma training can prove valuable for both the manager and the employee. But, implementing these principles and learning how to use this training can make you invincible. Moreover, lean management shows you many ways to enhance your productivity while reducing the costs and the wastage of your resources. And providing you with several ways to gain new customers.

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