Legal Careers: The Various Paths One Can Pursue

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An attorney or a lawyer is one who practices law, and is trained to manage, prepare and either defend or prosecute an individual, company or group. They are concerned with giving advice on legal matters that may or may not require the individual to go to court. The field of law has been booming since the last few decades and more and more people are studying in order to become a lawyer. It is very important to understand the different career paths one can take in law, so that you are ready before you graduate. Specializations in this field require a tremendous amount of work before you graduate. Here are some of the career paths one can take in the field of law.

Criminal Lawyer

A practitioner of law who works in order to defend organizations, individuals and others who have been charged with a crime are called criminal lawyers. They work with a broad spectrum of cases, including sex crimes, violence and drug related crimes, domestic violence, embezzlement, fraud and even crimes driving under the influence (DUI). The median annual salary of a criminal lawyer is $121,000. It varies depending on the kinds of clients one takes up.

Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer is one who deals with injuries sustained by an individual due to negligence of others. They deal with many types of cases such as bike accidents, car accidents, accidents at work, injuries due to defective medical devices, wrongful medical opinions, slip and fall, traumatic brain injuries, and many more. These professionals are some of the highest-paid lawyers. The top 10% earn 7 digit salaries, while most earn $50,000- $300,000.

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It is not important that you have to take up a career as a practicing lawyer once you have studied law. There are many legal career paths one can take that do not require practicing law. A paralegal is a person who is qualified by work experience, training or education and is retained by a lawyer, organization or corporation for performing support tasks such as research. They assist attorneys in preparing for trials, hearings and meetings. They provide various legal services, with the exception of representation of a client in court.

Family Lawyer

A family lawyer addresses issues pertaining to complex domestic or family relationships. They assist clients in dealing with cases including child custody, emancipation, divorce, alimony, abuse and neglect. They are also responsible for drafting agreements such as a prenuptial agreement. They act as mediators between family members and represent them in court if needed.

A career in law is truly a rewarding one. It is very important to understand the various career paths available to you after studying law so that you can choose the best one.

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