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What To Look For When Shopping for Packaging Machinery

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So, you need new packaging equipment. Whether your old equipment broke down and needs replacing or you’re finally taking the plunge and automating, you’ve decided it’s time to invest. You should know how to choose the best machines for your business.

Picking out the right machines takes time and careful thought, but it doesn’t have to be a confusing and stressful process. Here’s what to look for when shopping for packaging machinery to ensure your purchase is successful.

Just Enough Speed

How much do you need to produce each day? This is the main determiner of how fast of a machine you need. Smaller businesses don’t need the fastest machine available. Pick one that suits your current production needs and has a small amount of wiggle room to accommodate future growth. If you decide you need a faster and more capable machine a couple of years down the road, you can upgrade.

Zero Waste

Waste isn’t just harmful to the environment. It hurts your business’s finances, too. Ideally, you want to look for a machine that produces as little waste as possible.

An Easy-To-Understand Manual

Another thing to look for when shopping for packaging machinery is a simple and straightforward manual. You can usually preview the manual of a machine before you purchase. Are the instructions in the manual incomprehensible? You might want to steer clear.

The user’s manual should be easy to understand, because the manual is what teaches youβ€”and your employeesβ€”how to use the machine. If the instructions are unclear, you won’t be able to use the machine to its full potential.

Compatible With Current Materials

Not all machines work with all materials. Ensure a machine is compatible with your current materials before purchasing. The last thing you want is to purchase a stretch wrapper only to discover it doesn’t work with your favorite film or that a case packer doesn’t work with the kind of case material you usually use.

Superior Technology

Extra features are always nice. Look for machines that offer an assortment of quality of life (QOL) features, such as remote monitoring. These kinds of features make your machines much more intuitive to use.

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