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How to Make Your Business More Flexible

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Did you know that the flexibility of your business plays a huge role in determining whether you will stay competitive and relevant in today’s world? According to research, 89% of companies have recorded an increase in their retention rates due to their flexible work options. Below are a few things to consider in your quest to make your business more flexible.

Explore Remote Work

It is now possible for people handling various roles in organizations to work remotely due to technology and innovations. You can consider making it possible for employees with roles that can be attended to virtually to work remotely. All you may have to do is make sure that they meet all set deadlines and that their efficiency does not get reduced. This act of goodwill will give your employees the chance to attend to other important matters while working. It may also boost their productivity since time spent commuting to and from work can be invested in completing their work, among other things.

Try New Solutions

Consider adopting new solutions to increase the flexibility of your business and make it more attractive to customers. Solutions such as e-commerce, social media communications, and live chats make it possible for your customers to enjoy better service. It boosts their overall customer experience as well. You may have an open office for walk-in services, but try to set up the ecommerce part of your store.

It will allow your customers who cannot come into your shop to get access to their purchases quickly without struggling. Social media and email platforms, when integrated with CRM, can assist you access customer complaints and feedback. Customers can then get attended to in real-time. There will be no need to have consumers stay on the phone for long periods before getting connected to an agent to make their inquiries or lodge complaints.

Make Distribution Convenient for Your Customers

Businesses thrive on the existence of customers. Therefore, the best decision to make is to consider the convenience of your customers. You can make the distribution of your goods and services a lot more flexible by introducing convenient options. For example, you can give your customers the option of having their purchased products, shipped, and delivered to them. You can also allow them to pick up their products from the nearest retail outlets.

Encourage Creativity


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Urge on your employees to think creatively and explore new methods of accomplishing tasks given to them. When you give them such an avenue, they take charge of their fields and bring new ideas and answers to the table. They also begin to think like entrepreneurs, and as a result, take more responsibility for their actions, boosting accountability in the workplace.

Introducing flexibility into your business can cause a boost to the general output. But make sure to plan the whole process out. Planning your approach to introduce flexibility allows you to take things at your own pace and keeps you in control of affairs, so things do not get out of hand.

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