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How To Make the Jump From Etsy to Shopify

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While Etsy makes it easy for new retailers to get up and running, it’s no place for a business with big plans. When you’re ready to scale, use these tips on how to make the jump from Etsy to Shopify.

Understand What Etsy Does

You’ll hear a cacophony of complaints from other Etsy sellers from the get-go. But let’s not ignore what Etsy does so well for entrepreneurs. As you establish your business, Etsy can connect you to your first customers and a community of sellers that can offer advice. You’ll learn how to navigate customer service. You can experiment with your pricing and products to find that sweet spot for success. Etsy is geared toward handmade products you’d find at a craft show. You don’t have to know much about SEO, technology, or marketing. It’s a cozy place to start.

Explore What Shopify Can Do

Switching to Shopify doesn’t have to be your next step, but it might be the solution if Etsy is stifling your growth. A few reasons to transition:

  • You want to tell your business’s story your way, not just by using a template.
  • You want more control over your marketing.
  • You’re ready to outsource manufacturing.
  • You’re looking for a luxury consumer.
  • You’re going to include other brands’ products on your site.
  • You’d like to add a blog.
  • You want the freedom to run email campaigns for customers.

Look At the Big Picture

Envision what you want your company to look like. Then, you can put together a long-term plan for your e-commerce site. Your Shopify site will be your very own domain. You can choose from different price tiers to support your needs. If you’re already hiring staff and adding stores or brands, you might want to consider Shopify Plus for its additional tools. Or you can sell your products with more of a hybrid approach. A “headless” Shopify site means that you still use Shopify for the checkout process, and manage inventory and your product catalog. However, the rest is separate and customized for you. Look ahead to see which model would be most effective in the long run.

Migrate Products Step By Step

When it’s time to make the jump from Etsy to Shopify, you can import a lot of your work straight into Shopify. Here’s one method for easy import:

  • Find Shop Settings under your Etsy Shop Dashboard and select Options.
  • Choose the Download Data tab.
  • Click Download DSV.
  • On Shopify’s app store, get the Easy Import Etsy Migration app.
  • Upload your CSV file and follow the instructions.
  • Before importing, preview your products’ titles, descriptions, prices, and other data.
  • Go to Product to edit information manually. This is where you can add pictures, too.

Finally, you can make your vision real. Your brand has found its forever home. Get busy making it yours and get ready to welcome your customers—old and new.

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