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How to Make Your Small Office Space Look Bigger

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Designing a smaller office can be a difficult task due to all the limited space you might be dealing with. However, the great thing about design is that you can use illusions to make a small space appear much bigger than it is. Continue reading to learn how to make your small office space look bigger.


Organization is the key to making any office look bigger than it is. There are several methods for effective organizing you can utilize to make this happen, such as getting rid of any clutter and creating sections. Going digital and wireless are also effective ways to clear up some space in your office.

Use Bright Colors

Instead of painting your office walls with darker colors, go for something brighter that reflects light. Not only will this give off the illusion that your office space is bigger, but it can also improve the overall mood of those who work in it.

Add Some Mirrors

One tactic to make your office space look bigger that you can borrow from your local gym is to add some mirrors. When you angle them right and use them effectively, mirrors can give the illusion that your office is up to twice its size.

Be Mindful Where You Put Furniture

Furniture is an element of the office space that can get in the way if you’re not careful. Be strategic about the type of furniture you put in your office and where you put it. The trick is to find furniture Toronto that is the right balance of functional and comfortable, which is why a custom design might be best.

Adopt A Minimalistic Design

A minimalistic design is an approach many offices are adopting to achieve a modern look. The great thing about going with a minimalistic design is that it can also help your room feel much bigger. With less on the walls and clean lines throughout, it can make any small space seem cozy instead of crowded.

These methods on how to make your small office space look bigger can improve your workplace, whether you are moving into a new space are renovating an older one.

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