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Make Your Coffeehouse’s Exterior Appealing with These Top Ideas

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There’s no denying that a coffeehouse is a popular establishment for people that want to meet with friends, relatives, and co-workers for a coffee and a chat. It’s also the perfect destination for a date or to catch up on some laptop-based work!

You’re likely reading this because you own a coffeehouse, and while you enjoy a regular income from it, you can’t help but wonder if there’s more you can do to boost your turnover.

Did you know that one of the most neglected areas of any coffeehouse is its exterior? It’s a shame, as much of a coffeehouse’s custom is simply from people walking on the street and wanting to stop for a beverage and a snack!

Don’t let your coffeehouse’s exterior prevent you from attracting passing trade. Take a look at these sure-fire ways to boost your turnover by making your coffeehouse’s exterior more attractive and inviting:

Keep It Clean

The first thing you should always do each day without fail is keeping the exterior of your coffeehouse clean.

Let’s face it: potential customers will seldom want to step foot inside your coffeehouse if the outside is dirty, tables don’t get cleared, and litter gets scattered around the ground.

Exterior cleanliness should be part of your daily routine, and it’s something that is manageable as long as all employees play their part in achieving that goal.

Add Some Comfortable Seating

When the weather is fantastic, many (or even most) of your customers will wish to sit outdoors and bask in the sunshine while enjoying their favorite beverages.

But, some coffeehouses make the mistake of investing little thought or money into outdoor seating for their customers.

Make sure you don’t end up making that mistake with your coffeehouse, and invest in comfortable outdoor seating.

Hang Up Some Plants

Consider adorning your exterior walls with some attractive foliage as well.

Whether you add some climbing plants or beautiful ones in hanging pots, such additions will make your coffeehouse more friendly and inviting to prospective customers. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t forget to water your plants and prune them when necessary.

Refresh the Parking Lot

Many coffeehouse owners seldom consider parking lot maintenance when they think about ways to improve footfall. Yet, it’s something you must do if you’re serious about making your coffeehouse’s exterior more presentable and appealing to your customers.

That’s because some of your customers are likely to drive somewhere and stop by your establishment for a coffee break before continuing their journeys.

Paint the Exterior Walls

Something you must remember about exterior paint is that the finish doesn’t last forever. Due to the effects of weathering, paint finishes can become dull and may even crack or chip away from their surfaces, resulting in unsightly appearances.

If your coffeehouse’s exterior aesthetics looks lackluster, now is the time to give it a fresh coat of paint to make it appear vibrant and well-maintained.

Replace Your Roof

First impressions count – especially when it comes to winning over customers. As a result, you should ensure that you stay on top of all property maintenance tasks, which include keeping your roof in good order. After all, missing and dislodged roof tiles, or other issues, signify that you need to take better care of your property – which could turn customers away no matter how delicious your coffee is. 

Furthermore, this could lead to long-term damage to your property, which you may not be able to recover from. As such, you may want to work with a commercial roofing company to repair or replace your roof. This can also provide you with a fun opportunity to change the aesthetic of your building, depending on which roof style you choose.

Good luck!

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