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Are you having a hard time in getting your marketing message across to your clients? Many business owners commit the mistake of doing their own marketing and end up wasting valuable time and money in the process – without achieving the marketing results that they want. Below are just some of the common mistakes people commit when marketing their own business. You might be familiar with some of them.

Trying to please everyone with many messages – Just like the mistake of talking to different target markets, aiming to satisfy everyone is a big no-no. To each his own – each person’s taste unique. Like in cooking, if you put everyone’s favorite ingredient into one dish, you will end up with something that no one will eat. Try to β€œcook” your marketing efforts to suit your target market’s taste and you will end up with a big hit.

Joining the bandwagon right away – With the fast pace of modern times, innovations in marketing mediums are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere. While it is great to be in the know of the new tools you can use, it is best to pour your time and money to tried and tested ones. Do not be blinded by the blitz of the latest innovations without making sure that they will work for you and not waste your precious resources. Many business owners are guilty with utilizing new marketing tools without actually knowing how effective they are.

Marketing without a USP – It is what it is: your unique selling proposition makes you unique, it sets you apart from the competition. That is why you should flag it in all the marketing materials you make. Let your target market realize why they should pick you from the rest of your competitors.

Being a hard sell with make it hard to sell – Saturating social media or other marketing mediums with your brand too much will just annoy people to the point of ignoring you. Be present without being too pushy. Rather than just being self-serving, make people want to know more about your product or service.

These are just some of the marketing boo-boos that are most common – without the guidance of a marketing expert. Committing one or more will definitely cost you your precious time and money. So why not save yourself the headaches and stress of trial and error, and ensure the growth your business with us now?

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