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Marketing Tips for the Woman-Centric Business

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If you’re a woman in business, you already know that you have to work twice as hard for half the results. It can be frustrating, but when you experience success, the rewards taste that much sweeter. These days, more and more female entrepreneurs and business owners are at the forefront of the industry, putting themselves out there and seeing amazing successes.

If you’re new to the business world, you may be wondering how to market yourself, how to get some brand recognition and put yourself out there in a unique and eye-catching way. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to market and promote yourself that don’t cost a fortune and are easy to implement. It’s just a matter of taking a few basic tips and tricks and making them your own.

Rebranding and a New Look

Adopting a new “look”, or rebranding, is always a great idea. People are by nature very visual, and in this world of Instagram and the constant barrage of flashy and eye catching visuals, you want your business to reflect a world of color and possibility.

A beautiful, eye-catching rebrand with large format graphic displays, a great new website theme with gorgeous graphics, or even just an awesomely designed business card can make all the difference. Get creative with color, with logos, and with designs. You can outsource with a great graphic designer or try your hand at designing things yourself with the use of good online tools and resources like Canva.

Even just a well-placed new logo design can totally change the look of your business into something that people will always remember.

Local Engagement

Engaging with and supporting other local businesses is always the very best idea for marketing yourself. Showing your community that you will put your dollars where your mouth is and support fellow entrepreneurs creates the kind of respect and loyalty that you want. Plus: if you scratch their back, maybe they’ll scratch yours!

Visit that local coffee shop for your latte, donate to local charities or sponsor events, attend meetups and gatherings and even collaborate with other businesses on relevant merch, products and services. You’ll reap the benefits if you engage with your community and support others from the local level.

Good Old Advertising and Analytics

Tracking your data when it comes to SEO and other online marketing sounds outdated and boring, but it really works. Looking at your analytics to see which customers engage with you the most, what posts are performing the best, and what items are selling well can help you decide where to put your focus in future.

And when it comes to advertising, a good old-fashioned ad in a newspaper, magazine or website can bring in as many clients and customers as any other type of marketing. If you think regular advertising is obsolete, you would be wrong. Some things never change, and while marketing and promotion is an area that always evolves, some things remain steadfast.

If you implement these tips, you’ll be able to easily market and promote yourself without having to spend a ton of money or time. It’s as simple as tracking analytics, giving your clients and customers something nice to look at, and putting your support in at the local level. If you do these things, your business will grow almost effortlessly.

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