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Tabitha Jean Naylor
Date: Any day in the disaster of a year known as 2020
Subject: How to achieve your goals and start enjoying your life

Dear fellow female warrior,

For many of us, it seems like life has two options:

  • Achieving goals
  • Enjoying life

Unfortunately, neither seems as if they are one 100% fulfilled. There seems to be a broad spectrum on the scale of go-getters and over-achievers to those who slack in all departments.

Today, the demands of work, career, education, family, and homeownership seem to take priority over enjoyment. Relaxation time is limited, and is often be scheduled as a once-a-month outing or even an annual vacation. And unfortunately, even those pleasures may be filled with work.

There’s planning and scheduling, and not enough time – or so it seems – for down time.

Are you waiting for retirement to enjoy your life?

Sadly, many women feel as though they are waiting for life to happen rather than creating life they want.

Do you wish you had more time to achieve goals and even more time to enjoy life?

If so, you are certainly not alone.

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check-med  Different ways to focus on your goals that will create momentum each and every day

check-med  How to analyze and categorize your life areas to achieve the most success

check-med  Methods to improve your time management so you can stop using time as your excuse

Get started on prioritizing your life so you can reach your goals while still enjoying your life to the fullest!

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Tabitha Jean Naylor
Founder,ย Women Entrepreneurs Can

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