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Methods To Save Water in Commercial Buildings

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Water is critical to the habitability of a building; you must ensure that everyone inside has access to water when they need it. However, you may need to know different methods to save water in commercial buildings for several reasons. These strategies might come into play if youโ€™re in a dry, hot environment that doesnโ€™t experience a lot of rainfall, or you simply want to save money on water usage. Whatever the case may be, always have these strategies on hand when you need them.

Low-Flow Plumbing

Water fixtures, such as toilets, sinks, and showers use up a lot of water while in use, and this is where you will pinpoint the majority of your buildingโ€™s water waste. Over the last decade, both commercial buildings and residential homes have begun utilizing low-flow plumbing fixtures to reduce the amount of water wasted.

These items use far less water whenever in use but do not sacrifice performance as a result. Whether people need to wash their hands or run a shower, they will experience the same results as they do with high-flow fixtures.

Insulated Piping

People need hot water, but itโ€™s not always immediately available when you need it. You will have to leave the water running until it rises to the correct temperature before you can use it, resulting in water going down the drain, unused. Most of the issues with hot water stem from piping not having proper insulation, leading to a significant amount of heat loss of water sitting in the pipes.

This means it takes longer for water to heat because it cools down, and the pipes unable to prevent the heat from escaping. Install adequate insulation to trap this heat and ensure hot water comes out of the faucet faster.

Better Water Pump Technology

The water in your facility requires the use of a water pump to ensure it gets to where it needs to go, but these pumps can also assist you in reducing unnecessary water use. Invest in a high-tech water pump that allows you to monitor the flow and pressure of pipes, alerting you to any changes.

Often, these sudden changes in pressure result from leaks in the system. These leaks can easily go unnoticed with less advanced technology. Know how to upgrade your buildingโ€™s pumps to have better control over your buildingโ€™s water.

The Sooner You Switch, the More You Save

While the expense of changing certain plumbing fixtures and implementing new technology can become expensive, the amount saved will offset the price. The faster you implement these changes to reduce water usage in your building, the more money you will save in the long term.

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