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More Women Are Starting Businesses in the Auto and Industrial Sectors. Why?

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While the auto and industrial sectors have traditionally been male-dominated fields, more and more women are moving towards these industries to start businesses to even the playing field. Although you might wonder why women are moving into these sectors for commercial endeavors, there are some clear reasons why this is happening at this time. From increased awareness about business practices as a whole to keeping up with demand, there are plenty of reasons why women are opening businesses in the auto and industrial sectors more than ever before.

Becoming More Commercially Savvy

In the past, women would have to attend an educational institution to learn about commerce but educational institutions were frequently places that barred access to anyone except financially well-off men. Nowadays, it’s easier for people of all genders to access information on best practices and pitfalls in business thanks to the internet. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (a.k.a. ACFE), commercial enterprises bleed roughly 5% of their revenue annually for instances of fraud. Someone who has never gone to college for commerce would be able to look into the risks of fraud for businesses whereas it wouldn’t have been a possibility in the past.

Opportunities to Make Money

The main reason why people of either gender start a company is because they want to make money–women are no exception. Since industry and auto services are lucrative areas of commerce, it makes sense that women would be drawn to these sectors above others that might not be as lucrative. According to Astute Analytica, the value of the worldwide automotive paint market in 2021 was $18,023.8 with a trajectory to reach $23,244.2 million by the year 2027. This means that even businesses that produce tools or materials for auto shops to use are making a fortune and women want to get in on that action.

Increases in Demand

According to research, over 100 major projects along the Gulf Coast can be expected to need flanges, piping, and various pipe fittings in the coming half of a decade. As a result, women are noticing the demand and are willing to open companies that cater to that need. Although some women-led organizations might be born out of the owner’s passion for an industry, others exist to address a gap in the current manufacturing climate so that the owner of the company can enjoy a level of financial security and wealth.

As demand goes up for certain items to be manufactured for the automotive industry, people of all genders will notice this demand and rush to meet it while there’s good money to be made. Even folks who might not have previously considered entering the auto or industrial sectors may consider a transition to those fields if they see that they may be able to provide a better life for themselves or their families by doing so. Women can own businesses in all sectors no matter what history looks like in those fields.

Crushing Gender Norms

In this day and age, women aren’t afraid to go against gender stereotypes. In fact, many women love to do what their grandmothers and great-grandmothers would never have dreamed of being able to do. As women get more equal access to education and opportunities, they’ll continue to start businesses in industries that have not welcomed people like them historically.

Even if a woman doesn’t intend to go against gender norms by opening a business in the auto or industrial sector, she still may come up against some pushback. Still, some women thrive in adversity. Others may just like traditionally masculine work.

There are multiple reasons why women are opening businesses in the auto and industrial sector more often. Every female company owner may have a different reason. At the end of the day, money and progress seem to be the driving forces in this shift.

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