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New Website? Don’t Forget These 5 Things

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Gone are the days of a website with too much text, 25 popups and a lot of ‘extras stuff’. Behind us are the black background and acid yellow writing with seven different fonts. We are in a new era of websites where negative space is king and queen; good content is a must, and the visuals matter more than ever before. 

So what are the five things that you need on your website? 


Your about me page can be one of the most informative spaces on the whole website. A clear outline of who you are, what you do, what you do and why they need it from you. It might sound easy, but most people need to take a few passes before they get it right. 

You have just a couple of seconds for the reader to be interested in what you are offering, so make sure that you show it off. 

The about page can be an interesting place to offer something (if you have downloads or free stuff) because that can hook them in and give you the information exchange you need to collect leads. 


If you are trying to build a brand, then all of the main images should be something that you have created. While images used in blog content can be anything so long as they fit the aesthetic, anything that is meant to have an impact should. Work with photographers, videographers, a Virtual Tour Company and a content writer to make sure that you are presenting all works. 

Negative Space

Negative space is powerful and leaves more time for readers to absorb information and make use of it before they get some more. It also means that they are not overwhelmed with content – which many companies do. 

Because they want to make a connection, they overload. Be more selective – what is your message? What do they need to know about you or your business? 

Mobile Optimization 

If your website doesn’t work on mobile, then you are missing out on a lot of traffic, possible bookings, purchases and more. A bad mobile site isn’t something that many people will forgive now, and it just takes a second of slow loading or worse – no loading for people to go somewhere else. 

When it comes to mobile optimization, make sure that you have it, and if you don’t, speak to a website builder to make sure that you get it.


Often new companies are so keen to appear professional, and like larger organizations, they skip out on what makes them cool in the first place. Make sure that there is plenty of personality and authenticity on your website because that will encourage people to engage with your business. 

Making a good impression is something that our websites can do for us, and a surprising number of businesses are totally online now. What that means is the need to stand out and get your point across has never been more important; here are some more tips: Top Practices to Create a Good First Impression with Your Website – WECAN

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