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Why Does Office Design Matter for Your Business?

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Perhaps you thought it was just a status symbol. After all, the most cutting edge elements in office design appear to be mainly the preserve of Silicon Valley companies vying to prove their dominance. But there is a growing body of evidence to suggest the role that the design of our workspaces plays is crucial to morale, productivity – and even physical health. Design choices tend to fall into one of two categories when it comes to business workspace. They are either highly functional with little to no regard for appearances, or they prize style over substance, going for projecting an image over actual usability.

The best design occurs at the point where these two factors meet. Beautiful, functional workplace design is possible, and it’s not just something frivolous – it can have a real impact on the manner and success of how we work.

So why exactly does office design for your business matter so much?

Clocking In, Clocking Out

The simple fact of the matter is, you and your employees spend a huge amount of your waking lives in the office environment. That means it’s a major contributor to your overall wellbeing and health. The basics really count here – from sourcing ergonomic chairs or standing desks to help prevent people developing repetitive strain injuries and postural issues, to ensuring that they have access to some green outdoor space where they can get a respite from stressful tasks.

Studies have assessed the impact of working in a dark, cramped spaces versus a modern, well-designed one, and it can even have an impact on heart health. Real, physical problems can stem from poorly designed or unfit for purpose business premises.

So, start by assessing what tasks your workers need to do and figuring out what type of space would best facilitate that. What small steps could you take to improve matters? Whether it’s investing in a better lighting scheme, creating a chill-out area for breaks or even calling in a firm like Broedell Commercial Landscaping to sort out exteriors spaces and facelift the surrounds, there are changes you can make in the short term.

The Attraction Game

Business owners often name the same things time and again when it comes to issues that hugely impede business growth, and securing the right staff is usually included in that. Attracting and retaining the top talent is one thing that can seriously give your business a competitive edge. But this is much harder to do without a modern and welcoming office environment.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that prospective candidates aren’t put off by dated, dingy premises – they are.

The first impression you give as a business is crucial in getting the best employees, and doubly so if you are a small start-up business without a well-known name or the financial means to pay top-range.  This goes the same for clients – when they come into your offices, it’s a big deal if you don’t look the part. You need to give a professional impression that lets people have faith in what you do, and doesn’t distract them from your vision and values.

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