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Office Design Tips Meant to Boost Productivity

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As a business owner, it is important that your workplace is a place that encourages productivity. Your office can directly impact your productivity levels, which is why office designs are imperative and should not be overlooked. No matter if you are searching for commercial paving to clean up the outside or you are looking to move some things around inside the office, here are some tips that can boost productivity.


Your office layout is everything. This is the first step you must think about before you purchase furniture. Connect with your team to determine what are the needs and challenges that can be addressed in the new layout. Keep in mind your company’s culture, personalities and working styles. Most importantly you should determine how much all of these things cost. You must stick with a budget.

Natural Light

You want as much natural light in your workplace as possible. Natural light does wonders for your productivity and mental health. Not only is it essential for your circadian rhythms, but it can also boost your mood and provide you with much-needed Vitamin D. Make sure that you have enough windows and doors that can provide some natural light. If you are not able to install more windows, take advantage of mirrors or furniture that is reflective. You can also install full-spectrum lightbulbs in your light fixtures. The lightbulbs imitate the appearance of natural light.

Encourage Movement

When you find yourself stuck on an idea or new process, it is recommended that you take a step away from the problem. Coming back to the issue after some time away from it can help you think of out-of-the-box solutions. The same method can be incorporated into the layout of your office. Consider offering the option to have standing desks to your team members. Put often used equipment like copy machines and stamp machines on opposite sides of the office. This creates a reason for people to get up and move about during the day. Another option is to have a room where people can exercise if you have space in your office.

Utilize Color

Pay attention to color when designing your office. Colors have many effects on our emotions. White is associated with cleanliness but can be boring. This is great to use in the kitchen or open space. Meanwhile black gives off emotions of authority. It is best when matched with complimentary accents as it can give a luxurious feeling. In addition to paying close attention to the way colors make people feel, the same colors that are associated with your brand should also be incorporated in the office design. This creates continuity, particularly when you have clients or customers coming to the office.


Plants, plants and more plants! You can never have too many plants. They are known to reduce stress, sickness and noise levels. They increase productivity, creativity all while cleansing the air. Pick out low-maintenance plants and plop them in various places around the office. Everyone will appreciate it.

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