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Opportunities That Require Your Own Personal Flair

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Have you ever thought about publishing content online. Perhaps on a blog, or through a podcast. Or maybe edited videos for YouTube, or short films for Vimeo. Maybe you wish to go online and scream about our political viewpoint (good luck) or simply offer advice based on the experiences you have gone through in the past.

One thing is for sure. None of this content is as worthwhile as it would have been without your own personal flair – your own personal means of viewing the world and learning from it via that lens. If you can achieve this, you can truly make a big difference in how you develop and in the strength of the audience you reach. On top of this, adding your own personal flair can help you feel a little less formulaic. It’s the difference between working as a staff writer for an online publication or writing your own successful blog. Which one, do you think, would grant you the most freedom?

Let’s consider how that might look…

A Podcast Or Internet Station

More and more people are tuning into audio programs as of late, through podcasts and Internet radio stations. This is because being part of a fan community is so much simpler, as well as the convenience that everyone has access to. Not everyone has a radio nearby, but mostly everyone has a mobile phone with at least a 3G or 4G connection… not to mention, cars are now connected to the Internet. This means that learning how to start an Internet radio station or run a podcast has never been more promising – or lucrative. It could be that your deep dives into history, your political viewpoints or just playing excellent tunes from the past could net you a niche audience that you could one day monetize. That, and this hobby is an incredibly fun one.

Writing A Blog

The written word can be a somewhat worrying tool to use when just getting started. We might have had experience writing in our journals, but never in a public form, not least to review products, give opinions or offer advice. And yet doing so can be quite cathartic, provided you stick to the common principles of grammar and use spell checking tools. It could be that running that blog can not only help your business promote itself, but help you connect with others, net you brand deals, or generally make a second income. It could be that you’re the voice we all need. So why not try?

Content Production

Producing videos to publish on YouTube such as vlogs describing your makeup routine or discussing how you deal with anxiety could help a range of people, and can be much simpler than writing a piece of content. With a little editing know-how and a decent camera, you might connect with people you never had a chance of meeting before. From there you might expand, such as offering reviews, long form thoughts, or even publishing silly projects like comedy skits.

With this advice, you’re sure to impress your talent onto a chosen content path.

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