Passionate Entrepreneur, Before Your Marriage Goes Downhill, Read This

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We all know that one super busy, successful guy, let us name him Bill, that has just recently gotten divorced from his wife (or is about to). Or that very boring neighbor, Alice, that doesn’t stop complaining about her marital issues with her entrepreneurial-spirited husband that is never home.

Considering that you are reading this, either you are Bill, or you have Alice for a wife. In both cases, unless you start changing some things today, you are screwed and may need to find a family law attorney sooner rather than later. Being an entrepreneur is not just a job, it is a calling, it is passion. It impacts each and every aspect of your life, including your marriage (big time!). And some would say that once it affects your marriage in a bad way, then your marital problems start affecting your business. In other words – a happy marriage, happy company!

Here is some food for thought that will help you cultivate your passion for business, alongside a happy and healthy marriage, so that you’re not having to work with a top notch brand in the Specialist Divorce industry.

1. Your Passion Is Attractive Until It Is Not – Strike A Balance!

Your spouse was once probably very attracted to your passion (to some point they still are). Seeing someone so driven about something never leaves us indifferent. The contradictive part is that that same passion that has drawn them to you is the same one that is now threatening your marriage. Your dedication to your business is charming only up to the point until your spouse starts feeling consequences of it. A time that you devote to business will soon cut into the time that you are supposed to spend together. Your spouse should not have to compete with your company for attention, but here they are. Feeling insecure and frustrated, and most of all they do not feel understood. You should not underestimate the time spend with your family. No money or career is worth it. A successful marriage is a huge accomplishment itself, but remember that it will also help you build a more successful business. Most of all, it will fulfill you in the ways your career cannot.

2. Be Completely Transparent And Honest, Always

`Honesty and trust are foundations of a healthy partnership. Of any kind, especially marital. Make sure to respect your spouses’ trust and always be transparent about everything that happens in your business. Mistrust usually comes from fear, and fear always comes from the unknown. Entrepreneurship involves great risks, and those risks directly involve your family’s financial status. One wrong decision, and from a casual and comfortable living you can easily end up on a street without anything. That is why transparency is a big must. If your spouse still does not feel secure, maybe you should think about consulting with a respectable family lawyer. There are a lot of good lawyer companies that specialize in this, such as Doolan Wagner Family lawyers.

3. Let Them Guide You

When you are out of your mind with all the stress that your business is causing you, trust your spouse. Sometimes they will know much better what is best for you, than yourself. As a passionate entrepreneur, you can easily lose balance over your business and life, which is why it is important to listen to your partner when they tell you that it is time for a break. For someone who is so dedicated it not an easy task to try emptying your brain and focusing on something else – but keep in mind that a fresh mind always means a fresh start and new ideas.

4. Cultivate Other Interests

I know it can probably sound unbelievable, but the world does not revolve around you. Nor your business. And it is not enough to just be aware of it, you have to act like you are. Find some common interests with your spouse, and make a ritual of it. Do it once a day, once a week. Do not let your business stand in-between, even when the day was stressful and you really did not want to fire your colleague. Leave entrepreneurship at work, and try not speaking about it all the time. Even though talking about it is super exciting for you, trust me, talking about it 24/7 is definitely not exciting for your family. Enjoy your spouse’s company without the burden of your work.

Most passionate entrepreneurs will face similar problems regarding their marriage, sooner or later. Also keep in mind that marriage itself is hard enough, let alone with having an extra burden of entrepreneurship to carry. For all being said, it is better to start working today on building stable, and healthy partnership with your spouse, rather than waiting for that ship to face an iceberg it cannot overcome.  If, unfortunately, parting ways seems like the best course of action, try to make the process easy for the both of you. This is where experienced Springfield Missouri divorce lawyers can help you in major way.

About the Author

Leila Dorari is an entrepreneur, freelance writer and business-improvement enthusiast from Sydney. Currently, she is consulting companies and entrepreneurs on how to organize a company culture for maximum motivation and productivity. In her spare time, you can usually find her window shopping or hiking with her furry four-legged friend.

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