Recycling Tips for Small Businesses

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In any business, itโ€™s likely you will generate some form of waste. Among the types of waste commonly generated, there are likely to be many materials that are recyclable. In the current age, it has become imperative to recognize the value and importance of recycling. It is one of the keys to being a more sustainable business. Learn some recycling tips for small businesses by reading below.

Make a Commitment Business-Wide

One of the first things you must do is make a business-wide commitment to recycling. If everyone within your company is on board and understands that they will be expected to uphold this commitment, recycling should be easy to stick to. Recycling is one of the 5 Rs of waste management, a vital rule for creating a more sustainable business. It starts with top-level management setting the example. When employees see their managers commit, theyโ€™ll understand why recycling is so valuable to the company.

Take Inventory of Materials

It will be helpful to take a good inventory of the materials that are used and thrown away by your business. When doing so, identify which materials are recyclable ahead of time. Materials such as aluminum, steel, glass, cardboard, paper, and plastic are all materials that meet these criteria.

Do an Audit of Your Waste Paper

You should try to evaluate the types of paper that go through your waste stream to help design the collection and management program youโ€™ll need. Do a proper audit that will help you to create this program by assessing which materials in your waste stream are recyclable. You should assess them by type, value, and amount.

Choose the Paper You Want To Collect

After assessing what kind of paper is in your waste stream, youโ€™ll need to check which types will be accepted by your local recycling programs. Then, you should figure out the type of paper you want to collect. Consider what papers are of greater value and which primarily make up your paper waste.

Designate Your Recycling Supervisor

Deciding on a supervisor for your recycling program will help everything get moving smoother, especially at the start. Selecting a supervisor shouldnโ€™t be too time-consuming, and it will do wonders for ensuring the process is set up for success.

Use Clearly Marked Recycling Containers

Another top recycling tip for small businesses is to utilize recycling containers. Your workers should have easy access to recycling areas and should know exactly where they can go to dispose of such materials. Keep things practical by placing bins in any area where paper or other recyclable material will be generated. Areas near printers and copying machines are good places to start.

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