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Revealed: 5 Killer Marketing Tactics For Clothing Brands

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You’re probably reading this because you’ve just launched a clothing brand or you’re thinking of doing so very soon. The thing is: you worry that people won’t buy your garments due to such stiff competition in the clothing industry.

However, while it’s worth noting that there is always plenty of room for inspiring new clothing brands, you should also be aware that strong marketing is the only way to make any clothing brand successful.

You might ask yourself, what are the most effective ways to market a clothing brand? While the answer will ultimately depend on what you’re selling, there are some top tips that any type of clothing brand can follow.

Check out these five killer ideas that you need to know:

1. Make Your Branding On Point

Virtually everyone on the planet will know of certain fashion brands like Levi’s and Nike. One of the reasons those brands are so memorable isn’t down to million-dollar ad campaigns (although they help!) but the fact their branding is on point.

What does that mean? In short, those brands have simple yet memorable logos and catchphrases. If you have confusing or convoluted branding, it’s time to hire a branding expert to help you fix the problem.

2. Make Your Packaging Memorable

You will likely ship items like garments out to your customers, whether you have a bricks and mortar retail store or an Internet shop front.

How are you sending out customer orders; are you using anonymous packaging, or does it stand out from the moment each customer opens their package?

Even doing something as simple as placing stand-out stickers from die cut label sheets onto your packaging will make your brand stand out from the crowd.

3. Invest in Social Media Marketing

Growing numbers of consumers spend much of their time each day browsing social media.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer the perfect places to learn about new brands and fashion trends, as they provide convenient ways to consume such news and information.

You must strive to have a highly active social media presence. For example, reply to comments from your fans, personalize your posts, and provide convenient messaging options for customers to ask any pre-sales questions in private.

4. Work with Trendy Influencers

Sticking with the topic of social media, it’s worth forging working relationships with social influencers. In a nutshell, these are people with huge follower numbers, and many of those folks are likely to follow the advice or tips from the influencers they follow.

Ensure you conduct your due diligence when selecting social media influencers, as some have fake followers solely to attract marketing customers like you!

5. Don’t Suck at Customer Service

Finally, offer your customers a truly first-class customer service experience. Always respond to feedback and queries from customers, whether they are positive or not, and even with negative feedback, always find ways to create positive outcomes.

Don’t be a fashion brand that doesn’t listen to its customers, as you ultimately need those people to buy from you!

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