Safe and Hygienic Manufacturing: What the Cosmetic Industry Is Following Now?

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In recent times, the cosmetic industry has displayed a huge boom as it is becoming more and more important for people to look good. The demand for perfect aesthetics in the personal, as well as the professional world, has led to a culture of widespread usage of cosmetics by all genders. According to the statistics, the cosmetics market is supposed to grow by 25 percent to more than 25 billion dollars by the end of this decade.

However, the recent ongoings in the world have made it absolutely imperative to increase the precaution factor in every aspect. As a result, businesses all over the world are now following hygiene and sanitation measures to the point so that no lapses are reported in product quality. Following are some of the ways which are now being followed to ensure maximum and safest product quality for consumers.

1. Securing Manufacturing Facilities

As an extra step of caution, keeping in mind the new normal concept of masks and social distancing, manufacturing units have now resolved to have the minimum number of people around so that the direct contact with the process is reduced. It is also to limit the extent of foreign particle intrusion via air transmission.

2. Usage of Sanitary Valves

Although this is something which has been at play for a long time, now these are in use with a renewed sense of importance. The sanitary valves are responsible for a smooth and unrestricted flow of liquids from one container to another. These are even more beneficial as their shape and form help to reduce the crevices and cavities inside the machinery, thus reducing the possibility of bacterial infections.

3. Cleaning of Storage Units

Even though all the various units involved in the manufacturing and storage units were thoroughly cleaned even before, the level of sanitization has definitely seen a rise. Along with the practices in place before, now, periodical deep cleanings with disinfectants are scheduled. This is being done to make sure that there are no kinds of old residue left to give rise to particles to compromise with the grade of the product.

4. Playing It in Compliance with Government Guidelines

With such protective and careful steps, now more than ever, the industry has adapted to follow the new guidelines as issued by the government authorities. The unit employees are checked regularly for any temperature fluctuations and are put under strict observation to keep themselves and others safe by wearing masks all the time. To prevent contamination and dirt built up in sensitive areas, in many places, employees having direct contact with the raw materials are functioning with PPE kits.


After the previous year, the world certainly has changed in every way. Hence, the age-old working techniques have also found a new way to reinvent themselves to make it okay with the new normal. Though remedial actions are now doing the rounds, still, the cosmetic industry works hard to carry on the multiple processes without any frictions and hindrances.

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