Sexual Harassment at Work? Here’s How to Protect Yourself

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Receiving unwanted sexual attention at work can be both scary and confusing. Despite all the attempts to raise public awareness about this pervasive issue, reports of sexual harassment are still commonplace. And it is even more chilling to think how many incidents go unreported for various reasons.

Are you being harassed by a coworker or manager? Remember that you are not alone. You can fight back, and you should do it. Your mental health, self-esteem, and career could be at stake.

In this article, you’ll learn more about how to handle sexual harassment at work.

Communicate Your Concerns

People interact with the opposite sex daily at work. Naturally, these interactions can be anything from friendly to formal. How to tell if you’re being harassed or if someone is only acting very friendly? Are you misinterpreting the person’s words and gestures? These question plague victims of sexual harassment because some harassers are persistent but subtle.

Do you feel uncomfortable with how someone treats you? You have the right to speak up. You can start by communicating your discomfort to your harasser. Tell the person what bothers you and why this behavior may not be appropriate in a professional setting. If you feel wary of discussing this issue with the harasser, communicate your concerns to another person you trust. It can be a coworker, manager, or HR professional.

Keep Notes of the Incidents

If communication doesn’t solve the problem, your next step should be to gather evidence of the incidents so you can file a claim. Keep notes of all incidents, including information about the date, place, words exchanged, witnesses, and anything else you consider relevant. Another good idea is to take screenshots of emails and messages you consider inappropriate.

Some harassers start subtly but quickly escalate things, taking their victims by surprise. They know how to manipulate people. It’s important to be alert whenever you interact with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable. Write down any suspicious remark, offensive statement, or inappropriate proposition. In many cases, the only way to make the harasser stop is to get your manager or the HR department involved. Having good evidence will help your case immensely.

Get Legal Representation

Sexual harassment claims can be messy. Moreover, it’s not unheard of for managers or bosses to be the perpetrators. What can you do if your boss demands sexual favors for a favorable performance review? Sexual harassment is not something you can ignore. It can affect your reputation, career, and professional relationships.

Being a victim of sexual harassment at your workplace can make you feel vulnerable and confused, so seek legal representation. An attorney can help you extricate yourself from a hostile work environment and protect your rights. The attorney will also make sure you get compensation for the emotional damage and missed career opportunities.

Final Words

Being reduced to your sexual identity in the workplace can feel demeaning, not just uncomfortable. If you’ve been dealing with sexual harassment at work, take action immediately to ensure your harasser gets punished.

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