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Small Business Financial Tips

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If you run a small business, then it is essential that you stay on top of your finances. This is most peopleโ€™s least favorite part of running a business. It can be confusing and overwhelming but donโ€™t get discouraged. Here are some simple ways you can stay on top of the finances for your business.

Reduce Overhead

When you run a business, it is important to keep your expenses as low as possible. All businesses will have good months and slow months, so it is important to take a long view of your finances. During financially good months, plan for when things get tight. Looking at expenses like rent, payroll, taxes, materials, debts, and utilities for the whole year can help you stay ahead of costs.

Keep Finances Separate

It is important to keep your finances separated from the finances of your business. You should always have different bank accounts. This will make taxes easier when it comes time to do them. It also protects your personal finances from getting sucked into the business.

Extra Income

If there is a way to add a little extra income to your business, then you should invest back into your business. Generating more income through consulting, real estate, or cell tower leasing at can all be viable ways to add some extra income to your business.


No matter what business you have, it is important to have insurance. The kind of insurance you need will depend on what type of business you run. Construction companies will need business insurance to cover accidents that happen at work.

It would help if you also had health insurance for yourself and employees. Research different companies and plans before deciding which coverage to choose. Insurance gives you some financial peace of mind when it comes to both your business and any dependents you have in your care.

Retirement Accounts

Another thing you need to set up for your business is a retirement account for yourself and employees. Having a retirement plan for employees will ensure that you attract quality employees who will improve your business. It will also secure your own future.


Technology can help your business, but you need to make sure to do your homework first. Technology to help you track your finances and keep your books up-to-date is essential. These records are so important when it comes to doing taxes and having an accurate view of where your funds are going.

Emergency Funds

You could be a master at making a budget, but there are still going to be emergencies and unexpected expenses. There is no avoiding it. These unexpected expenses donโ€™t have to derail your finances, though. You can plan for the unexpected by creating an emergency fund. Regularly budget to add money into the emergency fund, so when an expense does come up, it doesnโ€™t put a strain on your business.


Any debt that your business has is a serious liability. It can cost you a lot in interest fees and keep you from investing in the future of your business. Coming up with a plan to reduce or pay off your debts will give you more freedom to expand your business.

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