Small Ways Your Business Can Save the Environment

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Deciding to implement green practices in your business is good for both your business and the environment. Going green can attract the millennials workforce, save you money, and give you advantages over competitors. While green efforts like using solar panels can be costly, there are small ways your business can save the environment, too.

LED Lights

Changing your lightbulbs is a simple way to improve your business’s sustainability level. LED lights require less energy per watt and have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs. LED bulbs will also reduce your monthly energy consumption and your monthly electricity bill.

Reusable Kitchen Items

Provide your workers with reusable cups and dining utensils to reduce the need for plastic water bottles or plastic forks and knives. Encourage workers to use a refillable water bottle at work and to use your business’s available dining utensils to eat lunch, rather than bringing in plastic and paper products.

Work From Home

Allowing remote workdays can be a great method for saving the environment. Having employees work from home on occasion can reduce the energy use of your building and the emissions produced during your workers’ daily commutes.

Use Plants to Increase Air Quality

Plants in offices are not always just for aesthetic appeal. Plants can improve air quality and remove contaminants. Adding a few plants to your office is a simple and eye-catching way to provide cleaner air for your employees.

Reduce Travel

When possible, it’s always best to reduce the necessity of traveling for work. Utilize video conferencing, webinars, and video chats to lower your business’s travel needs. When travel is necessary, try to travel as green as possible by carpooling or using local transportation for a shorter commute.

Taking efforts to reduce your business’s pollution and energy consumption will pay off in many ways. Without having to make drastic and costly changes, find a few small ways your business can save the environment to do your part.

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