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The Speed Dial List Every Successful Business Woman Owns

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For startup companies and the self-employed, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that the only person we need to rely on in the process of launching and running a business is ourselves. As the popular saying goes ‘if you want something doing properly, do it yourself.`

This statement can only take you so far in business. The fact is, as much as we are multitasking, intelligent beings, with the ability to grasp new concepts with ease, we are restricted in terms of the energy and time we have to do everything. How you spend your time in business either equates to money gained or money lost. And so, you need to be directing your strengths in the areas your company needs it most.

For the people you can expect to find on any successful business woman’s speed dial list, here are a few you might want to consider adding to yours.

Business Partner(s)

This doesn’t just apply to those who are currently in a business partnership, it also extends to those entrepreneurs that have connections with other companies such as suppliers and distributors to keep their business flowing. Whether you need to, for example, change, swap or cancel an order or query the expected delivery for items you need to sell imminently, etc. it’s always necessary to have your partners in business on hand whenever you might need to make an urgent call.

A Lawyer

From SMEs to large corporations, having connections with a lawyer is necessary for all business owners for protection and prevention of an issue escalating. Which is why it’s important to source an attorney that specializes in business litigation sooner rather than later. For instance, if your business is accused of committing any wrongdoing or a crime, you can hit speed dial and speak to your lawyer.

Also, a common issue you may come across, mainly from today’s consumers, is their relentless attitude towards filing lawsuits against businesses. Other problems that could occur are, for instance, an accident at work resulting in an injured worker. In this case, again, you need a lawyer who knows the rules of business litigation to create a compelling case for your business and help you to avoid any potential losses.

If you don’t have one already, find a reputable lawyer you can trust, and add them to your speed dial. You never know when you might need them.

A Certified Public Accountant

From juggling the processes of your business, managing the vision and mission of the brand, hiring and firing staff, to sourcing new innovative avenues to market your product online, entrepreneurs have a lot on their plates. What you don’t need on top of this is to balance the books of the business also. Plus, file your taxes properly to avoid a visit from the IRS. To source a place to store the money you make in an account that will give you the best return on your money. And, to work out how much money you have left to spend on your business to upgrade the premises and hire expert staff, etc. Not to mention the financial forecasts that need creating and business loans that need repaying.

What all of these unavoidable tasks lead to is you hiring a CPA. A professional who can take care of the money aspect of your business for you and are available on speed dial when you have any financial queries.

An Electrician and IT Support

In this day and age, are there any businesses left out there that don’t require electric and IT? Probably not. Assuming that you have electric that powers the equipment and computers your company need to offer the products and services you do. There is a lot of investment weighing on the expectation that your electricity and IT systems will just continue to work without an issue. When in fact the reality is an electrical fault, in particular, could occur at any moment in time. Rendering your company utterly useless until the electric is back up and running, and wasting time that the business should be spending making money.

Because of this you, need an expert emergency electrician on speed dial. A successful business person predicts the potential what if’s and works to firstly prevent these from happening and secondly creates a plan to control the damage should an error commence. Find your electrician that will attend urgently if and when you need them, and IT support to take care of broken devices.

A Mentorpexels-photo-630836-307x210

An asset to your business’s success is a mentor. By having someone to talk to who is experienced in different industries, has made their own mistakes in business along the way and has ran a business or two of their own, your access to superior knowledge is just a phone call away. There are a wealth of people out there brimming with knowledge about business, you just need to search for a person who is willing to mentor you. Plus you don’t need to limit your search to one person, branch out and network with a variety of entrepreneurs.

When times get rough in business, or you need to make a decision that could change the direction of your company, beyond your business partner, you should be hitting speed dial for your mentor(s) words of wisdom.


Your business ventures are more than likely about building your identity, stretching your comfort zone, and becoming successful, but it’s not just about this. It’s most likely also about your family. Whether you want them to feel proud of you and celebrate your successes alongside you. Or perhaps when you need advice from someone who has your real interests at heart, a few of your closest family members should be a priority on your speed dial. They can often help put some of the most devastating business scenarios into context when things at work don’t seem to be going as you’d planned. And also be your biggest cheerleaders, when you need some encouragement.

Just because you ask for help and guidance from other people, doesn’t make you any less of a business person, in fact, it makes you a successful one. Working in the business is knowing that you need a team of people to enable your business dreams to become a reality. If you try to do everything alone, you are likely to reach your milestones very slowly or not at all. Place value and trust in essential contacts, and of course, your family, to support you on your entrepreneurial voyage – and add them to your speed dial.

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