Are Tech Issues Slowing Your Business Down?

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Tech should be there to make your business more efficient – not to slow it down. Often, it’s when technology stops working that things fall apart. Here are just a few ways to prevent tech issues from killing your productivity.

Invest in Reliable Wi-Fi

A common tech issue that can slow down business is poor internet connection. Many tasks from accepting card payments to replying to emails cannot be done without internet connection. If your wi-fi is constantly cutting out, it could be due to a variety of reasons from a limited range to a faulty router. Upgrading your wi-fi could be the solution – in a large premises, you want a strong connection with a decent range. Some companies even invest in backup wi-fi connections so that if one fails, they have another to fall back on.

Upgrade Old Machinery

Older machinery is likely to be slower and more prone to bugs and glitches. It’s recommended that companies replace their computers every five years for optimum efficiency. Other machinery may be able to last longer without problems depending on how regularly used it is. You can check out some of the best business computers here at

Keep Your Technology Clean

Build-ups of dust and dirt can be a leading cause of broken machinery. It’s often what causes hard-drives to fail on computers – the dust can clog up fans and cause overheating of parts. You can keep technology clean by regularly dusting it, as well as possibly looking into air purification options. A ‘clean-up’ could also be necessary for your software and files. Digital clutter can often slow down computers, as well as negatively affecting our ability to focus – make sure to delete any files or software that you don’t need.

Have IT Support On-Call

For when problems occur, it can be useful to have an IT support service on call. The likes of are able to offer support remotely whenever you have a problem. This can save you having to call out an IT technician. It can also be a lot more affordable than hiring an in-house IT expert and a lot easier than trying to work out problems yourself. Some managed IT services can also offer advice on which software and tools to use, as well as recommending more efficient digital methods of doing things.

Train Employees How to Use Tech

Tech issues aren’t always bugs or hardware problems. Sometimes, issues may simply occur due to incompetence. For instance, files may accidentally get deleted or settings may be changed which are then a struggle to reverse. Thoroughly training your employees how to use tech can reduce such mistakes from happening. It also helps to choose user-friendly programs that can be easily picked up – overly complex tech could be harder to get to grips with and could result in more issues as a result.

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