Time For A Strategy Shift? Fight Ad Blindness With Content Marketing

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It’s a fact that statistics and heat maps show that more and more people are ignoring classic banner ads and instead, focus on content. However, jumping from one advertising method to a completely different one can be overwhelming for an average person. In any case, how can you tell that your new strategy wonโ€™t face the same fate?

How You Can Fight Ad Blindness with Content Marketing

It is perhaps helpful to first understand why classic ads are failing in favor of content marketing. For once, banner ads are seen by most consumers as interruptive. Coupled with the persistence a marketer has to adopt to gain the attention of buyers, one will feel that the ad or product is being pushed onto them. Instead of attracting positive attention, buyers become annoyed by such ads. They will begin to run away from them by either not clicking them or blocking any sources to the ads.

The rationale behind content marketing is different. Instead of bombarding your target market with ads about your products, you come up with content educating them on subjects related to what you are selling. This time, however, your content carries some information they could be interested in. You can also package the information in an entertaining manner. The value in your content is what draws them to your platform. As they interact with your content, you gain an opportunity to introduce your products or business.

Informing your clients through content creation is one way of showing them your marketing isnโ€™t just about you. They come to your website because they are learning something new, getting empowered, getting solutions to their problems, and so forth. Classic ads are in many cases viewed as centered on the marketer and their agenda.

Another reason content marketing can work for you is because classic adsโ€™ impact tend to be short-lived. Mostly, they are geared to making a quick sale. However, content marketing tends to build relationships between the consumer and a brand. The marketers can actually use their content to walk customers through their purchase journey- educating, dispelling doubts, addressing customer concerns, and so forth. ย Such a brand will end up with loyal followers who are easy to sell to thanks to content marketing.

There is always room for improvement with content marketing

It is true that content can suffer some blindness. This happens when your audience is no longer interested in viewing your content. You will see it in the number of page views you receive or the declined website traffic. However, unlike classic ads, content blindness avails some opportunities:

  1. Itโ€™s a call for you to create fresh, better content.

People preferences do change. What attracted them today might not in six years to come. To remain relevant, you need to reinvent your content. Consider your readers; what kind of content is likely to inspire, educate, and entertain them now? How would they love it packaged? You could go further and conduct a survey if you cannot find answers to such questions.

  1. Can push you to change your conversation.

In most cases, winning at content marketing requires one to think like a consumer. Find out what topics your readers are interested in. Of course, your content must still remain relevant to your business.

How can you tell it is time to move on?

To decide whether you need a strategy shift or not, leverage your current advertising methods. Compare their performance with the possibilities availed by content marketing as discussed above. Do you think your business can do better with content marketing? The numerous benefits of content marketing are too important for any business to miss.

Where do you begin?

  • Have a website

Any business that dreams of dominating its niche has to tap into the power of the online space. Today, the first thing consumers think of when they want something is the internet. Is your business going to be among the search results they get? Tap into the opportunity by designing a website for it.

  • Come up with a content marketing strategy

Your strategy will define the kind of content you want to create, methods of distribution, and advertising budget. Your aim is to ensure a steady flow of relevant, quality, shareable content on your blog, newsletter, YouTube, social media or any other distribution channel. Good content not only attracts readers but also improves your websiteโ€™s visibility on the search engines.

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