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Tips to Cross Promote Your Content

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cross-promotion-300x201  There is no question that quality, engaging content is essential to your growing business. You cannot simply post the content and hope that people will โ€œstumbleโ€ across it. You must take the time to push it out across a number of channels so that it is able to be seen by as many people as absolutely possible.

The following five cross promotion strategies can help you to spread the word and get your content noticed.

Number 1: Distribute your content across various social media platforms.

The more you are on and active on various social media channels the better chance you have to build a loyal audience. It is important to realize that there are some social channels that people spend more time on than others, which is why you have to use whatever is at your disposal in order to promote your content.

Each time that you produce a brand new video or write new content for your blog, you should share it on every social channel you can think of. This includes adding a captivating or interesting headline to draw in potential readers. This is not a process that takes hours of time, you can use sites such as HootSuite and quickly publish the content across a number of platforms with only one click.

Number 2: Link other content.

While there is no question that you want your potential readers to view the content that is being promoted, it is also a perfect vehicle to introduce these readers to other blogs, videos and content that you have previously posted.

While most of these links should go to your sites content, you should consider including other websites, as well. Keep in mind, if you link them they are likely to return the favor and provide a link to your site in their content.

Number 3: Become a guest blogger for several other sites.

Even if you have done everything possible to attract visitors, you will eventually run out of potential if you are only promoting on your website any your social media pages. Writing guest blog posts provide a brand new platform for you to attract new visitors.

If you only use your social media channels for the promotion of your content, you are simply reaching the same set of people over and over again. When you post guest blogs on other sites you will be introducing new people who may not have heard of you otherwise.

Number 4: Place links in the signature.

Chances are that you have received an email that has a signature featuring the senderโ€™s name, email, address and a website. This sender has made it extremely easy for every recipient of the email to find them online. By adding links in your signature you can have the same benefits.

An email signature was created to provide a formal feel to emails and to remind recipients how they can reach the sender. By adding links to this signature, it becomes a powerful cross-promotion tool.

Number 5: Be sure to update your existing links.

There is no question that new content will fare much better in search engines than your old content. This means that the most recent content will likely run circles around the older posts you have created.

The fact is that blogs can quickly become outdated and then sites will shut down. If you take time to add links to the content that you have and update them on a regular basis, you can keep your site fresh and searchable.

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