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Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Business Through Web Design

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According to the internet world stat 2020, there are over 4.9 billion internet users worldwide. Internet users keep increasing every year, and this provides a large market for your business. Having an online presence can help you grow your customer base because of the growing number of internet users. Without a website, a lot of people will not know about your business. But it doesn’t just end at owning a website. Your ability to use the website in growing your business is what matters.

Several businesses own websites that are not profitable. That is often because of the poor web design they use. Managing to have the best site design properties can help you to grow your business rapidly.

Below are some tips and tricks that will help you to grow your business through web design:

1. Make It Simple


Avoid the temptation of overloading your website with many designs, colors, information, and features. Do not try too hard to impress. It will make it too flashy, loud, distracting, confusing, or overwhelming for the visitors. Instead, it would be best if you kept it clean and simple. Use modern and tested designs that prove successful to other businesses. ย Hiring a barrie web design company can help considerably when it come to design and functionality.

When people can focus on each item on your website, they will spend time on it. But when there are so many designs, it will be confusing, online users will exit from the page, and that will lower your conversion rate. Your aim should be to keep it simple and guide your visitors towards your call to action.

2. Use a Catchy Domain Name

The domain name you choose should be memorable and difficult to forget. Research more, think hard, and create a name that sticks. When the customers can recall your domain name, they will always visit it for business. Using a slogan, call to action, or summarizing what your business is about in the domain name can make it easy to remember.

3. Make the Navigation Easy


Your site navigation should be easy for internet users. That is because most internet users have a short attention span, or they may be in a hurry. If they cannot navigate your site smoothly, and with ease, they will exit it and look for an alternative.

Navigation is essential, especially when the website has a lot of pages. Position the content and information at places that visitors can locate within two seconds. Place the menu at a conspicuous place that is accessible on all the pages of your site.

4. Optimize the Speed of Your Website


It takes between seven to nine seconds to make a visitor stay on a website, but it takes as little as three seconds to wait for the site to load. Ensure that your website loads very fast because slow loading sites lose a lot of traffic.

You may do an excellent job with the site name, navigation, and content, but when your site is loading slowly, internet users will lose patience and leave your page. If you want to decrease your website’s loading time, you should reduce the number of plugins, unnecessary elements, complex animations, and sizes of pictures.

5. Create a Unique Brand

From statistics, there are over 400 million active websites on the world wide web. For this reason, you should strive to stand out from the crowd and give your visitors a better view of themselves. You should craft your website to represent your brand. Unique brands perform better than others.

6. Use Quality Videos for Your Landing Page

About seventy-eight percent of internet users prefer video content. When visitors see explainer videos, they know that they have lesser work to do because they will get all the information from the video. For this reason, we recommend that you use quality videos for your landing page.

Videos will make your landing page to be captivating. It will increase your conversion rates and also decrease the bounce rate on your page.

7. Use Heading Tags


Heading tags are beneficial to websites. They make your site visitors know what the site is about and also help them locate your content quickly during an internet search. These will make the site to gain more traffic. We recommend that you use captivating and memorable words and phrases in the heading tags.

8. Make the Website Mobile Friendly

The global mobile population is proliferating. According to the 2019 statistics, about fifty percent of internet users access websites through mobile devices. That is enough reason for you to make your website responsive on smartphones and tablets. If your website is not mobile-friendly, it means you will lose half of the traffic.

Bottom Line

Having a website is now a necessity if you want your business to grow. However, not all websites are productive because of the design. If you’re going to grow your website, apply the tips above when designing it.

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