Top Ways to Be a Safer Driver

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One of the best skills that you can have in life is to drive. Nobody has to learn to drive when they are younger, or even when they’re older, but when you do learn to drive you give yourself a ticket to freedom that you didn’t know you could have. You can get to places faster at your convenience, you can just hop into the seat, turn on the car and drive as you please. As long as there is land you can go where you want, and nobody can stop you.Β 

But driving also comes with quite a few risks. You may already know that there are worldwide traffic management systems such as Derq but that doesn’t mean you yourself are a safe driver. There are lots of things that could go wrong on the road so even if you are driving exactly the way that you are supposed to, you cannot account for everybody else. Your car could break down, you could lose control over the brakes, a reckless driver on the road can crash into you.Β 

Aside from these things, detours and traffic jams are often things that can test patience enough to create raging drivers. There are more than 6 million accidents that occur across the US alone every single year, and here are some of the ways that you can drive more safely so that you can avoid them:

  • Wear your seat belt. There is a reason that there is a law. Seatbelts are not just a car accessory, but they give you protection in case of an accident. It can prevent you from flying over the windshield if you are in an impact, and they keep you in your seat should the car go flying off the road. If you don’t wear your seat belt, you could end up fined and lose points on your license. The same is said for the passenger at the front of the car.
  • Keep watch on the road. When you are driving you should always keep your eyes on the road except when you are checking your mirrors and your blind spots. When you are an experienced driver, you don’t often notice that you are constantly sleeping for obstacles and objects that could come your way. You do, and when you are behind the wheel of your car you need to make sure that you are devoid of distractions such as your mobile phone. Holding your phone while you are driving is an offense, but you are putting everybody else on the road at risk. If you absolutely must answer a text message, pull over somewhere safe, park your car and turn off the engine. That’s when it’s OK for you to get your phone out.
  • Never drive tired. Never drive sick, unwell, dizzy, sleepy but never drive when you are tired. When you are tired your reaction times are different, and your ability to think and see clearly is impinged. Have a big sleep before you get behind the wheel of your car, or a cup of coffee if you are on your way home from work.
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