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How to Use Colors to Influence Shoppers

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Did you know many people choose what they buy based on color? Believe it or not, the color of a product accounts for 85% of the reason people select one product over another. Color can significantly influence customer behavior and it shouldn’t be kept limited to a product line.

The surrounding color of your small business can also influence whether customers will make a purchase from you or not. This is part of color psychology which basically means various colors can induce different emotions and feelings in people. That is why it is important to carefully choose the colors of your product labels, your store, your brand, and your website.

Here are some color combinations and themes that can influence customer behavior.

Follow a Theme

Don’t just select a bunch of colors for your business, try and go for a theme. Choose the colors surrounding a theme and make sure everything in your store falls under that theme. Pick the right window accents & floorings with matching colors to give your store an environment customers would love to be in.

For example, if your theme is based on the essence of a beach, choose colors representing water, sand, and sunshine.

Induce the Feeling of Happiness with Warm Colors

If you want your customers to feel reassured, use warm colors like browns and oranges. These colors are known to induce β€˜happy’ feelings in people. When customers feel happy entering a store, they will tend to stay longer. And when they tend to stay longer in your store, they will probably buy more.

Use Bright Colors on Window Accents & Flooring to Grab Attention

Bright colors like red and yellow are excellent for grabbing the attention of customers who are walking down the road in front of your store. These colors have so much power that they can instantly cause people to stop in their tracks and look at them.

With brightly colored windows accents & flooring, you can easily stand out from the competition in your street.

Just make sure to use bold colors carefully because if you use them too much, it could produce an opposite effect and may even agitate your customers. Stick to 20% bright color rule to grab maximum attention.

Build Your Brand with Colors

Did you know the colors of a brand increase its recognition by 80%? Find a way to work with your logo colors and match it with your retail design. This will help your consumers associate those colors with your brand and company.

When pulling this off, you need to think beyond just paint on your walls. You have to be very clever and make sure you strike a perfect balance of colors on your walls, window accents & floorings.

Knowing how to use colors to your advantage can immensely help you gain an edge over your competition. By properly mixing colors on your walls, window accents & flooring, you can make your customers take immediate action, consequently increasing your sales and brand worth.

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