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Using Little Tools to Keep Productivity High

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Productivity is in the power of the person doing the work. In an office environment or at home, ensuring we have the right tools to keep productivity high is critical. You don’t need to use fancy tech to help you focus. In fact, there are a few simple things you can access and change that will make all of the difference.

The Right Distractions

The concept of deep work is something that can be fleeting in a modern office space or even at home. Therefore, having the right distractions can ensure that you lose yourself in the work. You can find a work playlist of songs that will shut out the world around you or you may want to choose one of the many online sound players that provide cafe ambiance, rain storms, and so much more.

Binaural Beats

An amazing tool that can help you focus, binaural beats are available on YouTube or on specific binaural beat players, which are two different tones played simultaneously to put the brain into a specific state. The trick is all about having the right frequency. 40 Hz is the optimum frequency to put you into a more focused frame of mind. You can also use binaural beats to stimulate your brain in other ways, for example, resting, relaxing, or just being more aware. When you are trying to access the flow state so you can be more productive, binaural beats can make a significant difference.

The Best Colors

Colors do a lot to stimulate. In an office environment, providing colors such as blue can help people to focus on tasks. You do not need to completely overhaul the space to provide blue hues, but using it sparingly can help in your home environment. A blue statement wall or a variety of blue pictures can make a difference. Having pictures of the ocean can also help people to feel calmer and this will make a significant impact on how people relate to the work. Some people can feel intimidated or even anxious when they have to do certain tasks, therefore, ensuring you surround yourself or your employees with calming elements will do a lot in the long run.

A Comfortable TemperatureΒ 

To create a happy environment, you have to make it a comfortable one. When people are too hot they can easily get distracted but everybody is more than aware of the impacts of a freezing cold office. Some people need the office temperature to fluctuate but predominantly people need a warmer environment to stay focused. Temperature is something we are all sensitive to and if you are working at home as many people are ensuring you stay warmer, but not overly warm, will do a lot.

To keep your team productivity high you’ve got to consider the overall vibe. It’s tougher than ever to ensure people stay focused, which is why some of the little tools can make a massive impact in the long run. Focus becomes critical when doing deep work or attempting to enter the flow state. This is why you must take control of the elements.

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