Using Twitter to Successfully Reach Your Target Audience

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Twitter10  Twitter may seem like a fast-paced social media platform that is only good for celebrity updates, but looks can be deceiving. More and more businesses find their way to this social media platform and use it to get in contact with their target groups and convert these leads into sales. Curious how you can use Twitter to your advantage?

Target Group Research

At a first glance you would not connect Twitter with target group research for businesses, however Twitter can be used for this purpose. Twitter is actually used as a tool by both businesses and consumers. Consumers are using it to find local businesses they need, while companies use it to research the wants and needs of their target group.

Many companies have already researched their target group and use Twitter as an extra indicator for their future marketing plans. Finding relevant groups, following certain niche markets and people are all part of this journey.

Finding Media Coverage

A large amount of journalist with a decent following could be writing about your area of expertise. These journalists can be very easy to find on Twitter and as a business you can subscribe to them to see what they are writing about. Doing this could give you the opportunity to provide a journalist with an interesting story about your business, increasing exposure on his Twitter page as well. If you do decide to contact a journalist, make sure you have something to offer that will interest them and their readers.


Twitter is perfect for communication with your target group and business partners. Find some like-minded people in your industry or even potential clients that could be interested in what you have to offer. When you have a decent following on Twitter, you can use this platform to engage interested parties in conversation and get some new business contacts in return. If you have a limited number of followers, however, this can be challenging.  Using a company that can help build out your audience will kickstart things quickly. While there are an endless supply of options, check out these Twesocial results.  You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone better.

Twitter as a Support System

You might be surprised when you read the title of this paragraph, but Twitter can be used as a quick support system for your business and many customers will definitely appreciate it. The majority of the population has heard of Twitter or has an account already, so there is no need for new registrations when a client needs some additional support. Many people also go online when they experience a problem with something, so you will be right at the source. Enabling your customers to contact you on Twitter is an excellent idea that will have your customers talking, especially when you have a younger target group.

There is only one problem with Twitter as a support system, you will need to be able to constantly monitor the posts made on the platform. You are also limited in the response you can give, since Tweets can only contain 140 characters. However, people will appreciate Twitter more than having to wait on the phone before they can get an answer from a professional. If this system catches on for your business, it might even be worth hiring someone to take care of the customer support on Twitter! This will provide your clients with excellent customer service and will make them come back time and time again.


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