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Want To Avoid Litigation? Then Don’t Suit Up!

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What are the chances of getting hit by a lawsuit? It depends. According to state data, you have an 11.5% risk of getting hit by an employee charge. But, that’s only one area of an industry where 40 million suits are filed each year.  Lawsuits stemming from DUI’s and DWI’s are also on the rise.  In situations like this, a DWI attorney Kansas City MO should be able to help.

As more and more companies use litigation as a tool to hurt their competitors, it’s essential to limit the damage. And the best form of protection is to avoid a lawsuit in the first place.

Here are our top preventative tips.


It’s never been easier to launch a startup than in 2019, thanks to automation software and internet connections. Today, all you need is a laptop and an idea, and you can work from anywhere in the world. However, the formation of your company is still a critical part of starting a company as it might leave you open to attack. A sole trader is liable for all suits, for example, as there is no separation between the person and the business. If it’s time to incorporate, – Registered Ltd Agent – is on hand to help. With help, you can create separation so that you’re not liable for any losses.

Keep Accurate Records

Lawsuits that turn up on your door rely on your inability to prove your innocence. As long as there is some ambiguity, the lawyers will have a field day creating reasonable doubt. Accurate records help to shed light on the confusion and make sure your actions are bulletproof. This means making copies of everything from business formation to financial transactions. Calls, email, and meetings are also vital, so take notes and collect minutes where possible. Always store your backups off-site to avoid consequences from digital or natural disasters. has more if you need inspiration.

Buy Legal Insurance

Legal insurance is a safety net, so why will it prevent a corporate lawsuit? It’s because rivals will pick on companies that they believe to be weak. A sign of weakness is not having a backup plan in the event of a lawsuit. Your lack of resources to fight the case makes you a wounded animal trying to run away from a pack of lions. Buying legal insurance doesn’t guarantee immunity, but it will make competitors and customers think twice before filing. Plus, if it does go to court or mediation, you won’t have to worry about going bankrupt.

Hire A Lawyer

And do it before the suit hits your desk. Lawyers are fantastic at spotting future problems and negating them. It might be a patent issue, a problem with an employee, or tax-related. Regardless, they’ll notice where your weak spots are and reinforce them to prevent attacks. Also, they cement the company’s legality with their legal knowledge. Contracts, for example, should be iron-clad if you hire a reputable attorney.

Lawsuits are part of modern business. These tricks will limit the damage and stop people from taking advantage.

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