Ways to Attract People to Your Coffee Shop

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When you run a local coffee shop, there is a lot of pressure to keep up with trends. Coffee shops have quickly evolved during the new work-from-home era we live in. To keep up with the new and ever-changing expectations of your regulars, check out these top ways to attract people to your coffee shop.

Update the exterior appearance

The exterior appearance of your coffee shop is the most important element to attract passersby to your coffee shop. If it looks updated and modern, people will want to come and check out the interior, typically leading to them staying for a cup of coffee and a snack. This is one of the simplest ways to attract new people to your coffee shop and turn them into regulars. For some quick outdoor appearance upgrades, try investing in an interesting sign, such as a laser engraved wood sign, and fun-colored outdoor seating.

Run seasonal specials

Seasonal specialty drinks are a great way to encourage your local community to come in and check out your coffee shop. People love themed drinks, especially caffeinated ones! Releasing new coffee concoctions at the turn of every season can help drum up interest and excitement around your shop. These can act as something for regulars to look forward to while encouraging new customers to stop in and try your shop—and then, hopefully, converting them into loyal customers.

Provide safe working spaces

With the current COVID-19 pandemic going on, many people have shifted to a work-from-home model. Over the past few months, this has created a lot of cabin fever, making many people desperate for a change in scenery. While they may be reluctant to go back to their offices yet, they’ll still want to work outside their home occasionally. Investing in a layout that allows and encourages social distancing can be a huge benefit to your customers and can draw in local displaced office workers. This may create regulars for a long period of time, as the post-pandemic world may include much more working from home or co-working spaces than before the COVID-19 crisis.

There are many ways to attract people to your coffee shop, even during rapidly changing times. Keep your customer base in mind, and don’t be afraid to ask what they want and expect from you going forward. Listening is one of the best ways to find new customers.

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