Ways To Make Your Parking Lot Safer

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As a business owner, you want to prioritize your customer’s comfort and safety. Focusing on your store’s interior is a great way to accomplish this, but many businesses neglect the exterior of their storefront in the process. Your parking lot is more dangerous than you might think. A poorly designed parking lot can lend itself to car accidents, robberies, and other dangerous scenarios. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways you can update your parking lot to be safer, more attractive, and more accessible to your customers. Let’s check out some ways to make your parking lot safer.

Update the Lighting

During the evening or in weather conditions that impact visibility, your customers rely on lighting to navigate your parking lot. Insufficient lighting can make your parking lot the perfect breeding ground for robberies or car accidents. Make sure it has good coverage from overhead pole lights and floodlights and that there aren’t any dark spots. Does your security system have full visibility of the lot? If not, you might want to consider adding additional lighting or motion sensors. These features improve your parking lot’s navigability and make it easier to keep your customers safe.

Make Sure the Lines Are Visible

Another way to make your parking lot safer is to make sure your parking lot striping hasn’t faded. If your parking lot lines are indiscernible, your customers will have a hard time telling where they can and can’t drive.In fact, if you ignore this fact, as per the, the customers might succumb to injuries which will make you liable for the damages. A lack of directional arrows can result in a build-up of traffic, contribute to car accidents, and make it harder for customers to navigate your parking lot. If your customers can’t locate the designated parking spots, they might start parking outside of them, resulting in damage to neighboring cars. Maintaining your parking lot striping is a simple way to control the flow of traffic and make your parking lot safer for both pedestrians and drivers. When you’re restriping your parking lot, make sure you— or the professionals you hired—are using the right type of paint. Using high-quality paint will improve the lines’ visibility and longevity.

Invest in Clear Signage

Installing clear, concise signage is a great way to communicate with pedestrians, drivers, and potential criminals. To deter criminal behavior, put up signage that warns about the systems you have in place to stop and prosecute them. You’ll also want to inform your customers about the security tools that are available to them. Make sure they know how to use emergency phones, VASS, panic buttons, and other critical safety tools effectively. Don’t forget about driving safety, either. Directional signage, including entrance and exit signs, stop signs, and parking signs, will let drivers know which direction they should drive, where they can park, and more.

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