Wedding Business Operations: What to Outsource

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Weddings are no longer a family event, but rather are a huge business. And that’s not a bad thing at all. Think of it this way – it has created millions of employment opportunities and improved the financial situation for many.

Taking note of the employment opportunities, it is rather convenient for a wedding business to outsource its operations. Not only it helps reduce the cost and headcount but also improves productivity.

But, should a wedding business outsource all of its operational tasks?

To know the answer keep reading.

When to Outsource?

For a successful business, regardless of the trade, deliverability and that too within time, is paramount. It assures customer satisfaction and brings in good brand loyalty.

As a business owner, you might be good at some of the tasks, or most of them to be fair, but you can’t be good at all.

Understandably, it is convenient to outsource the tasks you’re not good at. However, this is not the only reason to outsource the tasks. Read below to understand when outsourcing is a good option.

When Unnecessary Tasks Are Taking Up Too Much of Your Time

More often than you know, certain tasks could take up too much time. And when these tasks are also of little importance at the time of action, they can easily hamper your productivity. It is rather better to outsource these tasks than to handle them yourself.

When You Are in a Position to Build Your Own Team

The second reason to outsource your wedding business tasks could be when you want to expand your operations. For instance, if you’re opening up a new service or launching your business in a new location, outsourcing some of the tasks could help with quick setup.

When Your Business Is Sustaining Its Running Costs

Most importantly, you need to be sure that your business is doing well and can sustain the running and expansion costs when services are outsourced. Though outsourcing helps reduce the headcount and the associated costs, there are additional taxes to pay too. And it is only convenient enough if your business is already sustainably running.

Which Practices to Outsource?

Now, that you know when to outsource, you must be eager to know which practices are usually outsourced. Here’s a list of them.

Wedding Photography

Photography is a sultry art, and it takes intense practice to perfect this art. As a wedding planner, you might be good at arranging the things and managing between them. But, photography is something that is best left with professionals of the trade.

Since for the wedding couple, the day would be the most memorable one, they would surely wish to capture it in an album. As mentioned here,, passionate photographers capture the soul and not just the physical reminiscence of the marrying couple. And partnering with a professional photographer can earn you praises from your customers.

Food And Catering

The most important thing at any wedding celebration, apart from the wedding itself, is food. It is a customary (and a thankful) gesture to offer good food to the guests at any wedding.

As a wedding planner, you are also responsible for deciding the menu and arranging for the catering staff. However, managing the staff and the preparations shouldn’t have to be your responsibility. Instead, it is far better to outsource these tasks and just ensure that the food is being prepared as per the menu is sufficient. It should save you enough time to plan other important tasks.

Venue And Decoration

Deciding the venue for the wedding and arranging for the decorations is also your responsibility. However, both of these tasks are very time-consuming, especially, the decoration part. It could easily take hours to decorate any wedding hall or a garden.

It is rather wiser to outsource both these tasks so that you can focus on other important ones including budgeting.

Which Practices to Exclude?

While outsourcing seems a lucrative solution to your wedding planning woes, it is not always the case. In other words, not every task necessarily needs to be outsourced.

For example, you need not outsource the client handling part of your wedding planning business. This could be rather detrimental for your business, in case the representative is untrained or undertrained.

There are several other tasks that you should avoid outsourcing.

Building Vendor Relationships

Particularly, when you’re just beginning with your wedding business, you must avoid letting someone handle your vendors for you.

Your vendors or your partners, know you and not your business. They trust the face value in your name and not someone else’s. It could be rather devastating to let someone handle your vendors for you.

Invoicing and Tax Filing

Whether your wedding business is generating six figures in a month or in a year, outsourcing tax and invoicing services could jeopardize the safety of your intellectual property.

It is rather more beneficial to hire an in-house tax professional to handle your invoices and taxes. This should ensure both legal compliance and peace of mind for you.

Handling Customer Feedback

For any business, customers are the most crucial part of their sales funnel. Without the customers, indeed, there is no need for any business to exist. Well, we don’t mean to discourage or dishearten you.

More so, you would want your customers to share referrals with your company. And for this to happen, you’d need to give them the best customer experience. It is, therefore, advisable to handle your customer feedback by yourself. Or you can also hire an in-house customer manager for your business.

On this note, you must have a pretty good idea about how outsourcing can help your wedding business. But make sure you also consider what to outsource and what not to, carefully. Entering into a new market is surely exciting. But, it also requires careful planning and smart decisions to maximize profitability. After all, the sole purpose of starting a business is to be self-sustainable, and grow gradually.

We hope that the information shared in this article answers your question and would help you scale your business better.

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