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A Woman’s Guide to Self-Advocacy in the Office

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The office can be a difficult place to navigate — especially for women. In an effort to appear easygoing and likable at work, it’s often easier to set outside our needs and wants than to advocate for ourselves and speak up.

When spending at least 40 hours per week in the same place, it’s important to make your environment productive and as conflict-free as possible. This means learning to advocate for yourself by speaking up for your wants and needs, navigating conflict fairly and firmly, and creating an empowering environment for you to work.

The key to creating a productive work environment is communication. Be sure to prepare before going into a meeting, and speak slowly and clearly when presenting your thoughts. Also be sure to rehearse your input and be prepared to field any questions that come your way. This way, you can help calm your nerves before going into an important meeting and make sure you come out feeling positive.

Check out this infographic on how to self-advocate in the office.


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