Women Entrepreneurs: Beat the Heat

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There are many obstacles in life that you may have faced as a female.

Unfortunately many stereotypes begin as children as a female, whether it’s the fact that you must play with Barbie’s or you’re constantly being dressed in pink. While these qualities are not negative, sometimes it’s hard to change them.

More and more women are beginning to take over the business world, but it can still be a difficult task to deal with some of the negativity that comes with being a female entrepreneur.

Staying strong and remembering a few simple tips can help you stay on track and keep your dreams alive.

Ignore Your Gender

It’s impossible to forget you’re a woman, but ignoring your gender can be a big part of changing the stereotype. Don’t ever feel sorry for yourself because you’re a woman; accept it as another challenge that you’re willing to overcome.

Use your gender as motivation, not as a hindrance. If you’re able to ignore the stereotypes that come with being a female in the business world, that is the best option, but if you’re unable to do this, use it as fuel. Take your gender and use it as motivation to continue striving to be the best.

Regardless of your gender, you have begun creating your dream – continue doing what you set out to do and don’t let anything get in your way.

Be a Role Model

For some reason, female celebrities get a lot of flack when they do something that isn’t ‘role model’ material. The truth: they were never asked to be role models; they’re just regular people.

As a female entrepreneur, you’re going to make mistakes, but utilizing those mistakes to benefit you in the future is what is going to keep you going and make you the ultimate role model. Being a role model doesn’t mean you’re perfect, it means you make decisions you have to and do what is necessary to succeed.

Don’t get caught up doing things you don’t want people to know about, because like a celebrity, a female is always in the spotlight; especially when they are successful.

If you don’t know how to be a role model, just be inspirational.

Taking it with a Grain of Salt

Take everything you get with a grain of salt, whether it’s a compliment or business advice.

Unfortunately if you’re surpassing men in the business world, they sometimes feel emasculated. This can lead to being provided with incorrect or false information because many people want to see others fail so they can succeed regardless of your gender.

If you’re a woman, man, alien or buffalo –if you’re succeeding and doing better than the competition, you are considered a threat.

Don’t take condescending tones to heart. As a woman, you know what it’s like to be in a room full of men who constantly ask if you need anything or if you understand everything; just smile and know that you may know more than they do.

You Can’t Satisfy Everyone

Not only is this relevant in the business world, but this is true for everything. No matter how hard you try, you cannot please everyone. If you do everything right, someone will find something that was done incorrectly. It’s an inevitable part of life.

One of the unfortunate stereotypes that many women have to deal with is the fact that they are treated like sex symbols. Despite what signals you display, there are people who are going to hit on you. Don’t let these situations discourage you. Remind yourself that you are a one-of-a-kind business owner and you will beat all of the odds.

Be firm with your responses in these scenarios and let the people around you know that you are strictly there for business. It is crucial to remain polite. Letting issues like that bother you are only going to be harmful to you, not others.

Stay positive and remember that though it was once a man’s world, women are doing what they need and want to create equality.

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