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How to Write an AI-friendly Resume

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Thereโ€™s no question that online hiring processes are convenient and efficient for employers and applicants alike. Thanks to artificial intelligence and other advancements in the HR industry, procedures are streamlined and applying for jobs is easier than ever before. AI-based software not only improves the resume review process, but also helps reduce bias in the hiring process.

However, AI-powered resume screening through ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) isnโ€™t perfect. Just one minor error could disqualify you before a human even looks at your application. How can you make sure you don’t ruin your chances by not complying with ATS requirements? Also, how can you craft your resume so it beats the AI bots and impresses the people who might hire you? There are some important resume formatting guidelines to follow, and itโ€™s critical to prioritize career-specific keywords. The more straightforward and concise your resume can be, the easier it is for the bots to scan your resume and approve it.

With so many people having to apply for new jobs these days, understanding how to write an AI-friendly resume is extremely important. The graphic below from the team at LiveCareer explains how to make it past the bots to give yourself the best chance at winning the job.


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