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10 Cool Gifts for Your Employees

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Your employees surely play an important role in your business and it’s up to you to show them that you care. Now, you may not always be able to give your employees huge bonus paychecks and you will have to come up with something else that will make your staff feel appreciated. Luckily, there are many small rewards that are perfect for the members of your team.

Employee appreciation gifts can help boost morale, productivity and create a prosperous working culture. Almost all the leading businesses ensure that employees feel cared for and rewarded for their extra effort or performances. This helps in setting a healthy competitive balance in the workplace and makes sure that employees feel worthy and recognized by the owners and higher management executives. The following are some of the leading gift items that you can consider to showcase your appreciation for your employees.


Anyone who likes to read knows how powerful a quality piece of literature can be. Therefore, a good book is one of the best gifts you can prepare for your employees. If you’re close to your employees think about what they are into and choose the books according to it. In case you don’t know what they like, a Hemingway or Faulkner classic is something you can never go wrong with.

Screen Cleaners

No matter what line of business your company deals in, chances are your employees use their laptops and smartphones all the time. That’s why a good screen cleaner always comes in handy. These aren’t expensive at all and can be found in most of the hypermarkets. Most people rarely remember to get one of these, which makes them a great and useful gift.


Wine is a great gift for every occasion and your employees are simply going to love it. A great thing about it is that it looks classy and elegant, and that’s what makes it a perfect gift for your employees. Of course, don’t go with the first wine you find in a local store. Wines such as La Prohibicion or Chappellet Signature Cabernet Sauvignon might just be perfect for an occasion like this.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a superb gift for just about any occasion such as a wedding, birthday or anniversary. Even though you can never go wrong with gift cards, it’s very important that you choose the right ones for your employees. Think about their age and lifestyle and choose the gift cards accordingly. Make sure you check out gift cards online and find just the right ones for all the members of your team.

Bath Gift Set

Bath sets surely are among the best gifts you can give to your employees. These sets usually contain shampoos, body lotions, moisturizers and more. There are so many of these on the market which means you’re guaranteed to come up with a set that makes a great gift for your staff. Most of the bath gift sets are beautifully arranged and usually come in a basket or a plastic box.

Desktop Golf

If you think your employees can benefit from something interesting they can do during the breaks, you can always get them desktop golf sets. These allow your employees to take a 2 or 3 minute break from work when they feel tired before they keep on with their work. Such short breaks can help them be more productive and stay in a good mood. Desktop golf will add some style to your office as well.


Even though we live in a world of smartphones and tablets, all of still need to carry a pen all the time. Right because of this, a quality pen makes one of the best gifts you can prepare for your employees. Make sure you choose pens that come in elegant boxes. Your employees can carry these to the work and use it when they are supposed to conclude a deal or sign any other documents.

Personalized Luggage Tags

These are another great option at your disposal. You can use all the info you have about your employees and have luggage tags specially made for every single member of your team. What makes these such a good gift is that they are personal and will make your staff feel valued. There are many different types of luggage tags you can opt for such as wooden or plastic ones, of which the latter are often made from high-quality acrylic sheets at Cut My Plastic.

Scented Candles

These are real crowd pleasers and are perfect for any occasion. This makes them a great thing you can give to your staff. Not only are they useful, but they also look great and usually come in carefully arranged sets. There are many different scents you can opt for, so make sure you choose carefully. Chocolate, vanilla and cocoa are something you can never go wrong with.

Bonsai Trees

We all like a little bit of greenery both in our homes and in our offices and that’s why a small bonsai tree is a commonly appreciated gift option. These aren’t standard indoor plants and make quite a special gift. They usually come in their own pots standing on top of rock humidity trays. It’s up to your employees to choose whether they want to take them to their homes or keep them in the office.

No matter what you opt for, you should aim at making a good impression and keeping your employees happy. All of these are wonderful ideas that will impress your staff and help your company grow.

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