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10 Ways to Get Creative with Your Exhibition Stand

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When you have the chance to host your own trade show or exhibition, your business gets its big moment to stand out. It’s here that you can bring in some new business and get people talking about your brand, but the only way that you’re going to do that is if your booth stands out.

An exhibition is usually a very crowded place, packed to the brim with people who want to be a part of your business and want to see what you have to offer. You need to make sure that your business is the one that everyone talks about – and we’ve got ten ideas to ensure that this is the case. Let’s take a closer look.

  1. You can stand out immediately if your booth offers free Wi-Fi. Event buildings tend to be rubbish for signal and at a business event, people need to get in touch with other businesses. So, offer the Wi-Fi, and people will gather.
  2. Food is the best way to the heart of any business man or woman, and with custom label bottled water that you offer, they’re taking your brand away with them when they leave your booth. Add piles of doughnuts and you’re really going to make an impression and invite your guests to have one. They’ll remember you for that, if nothing else.
  3. Did you know that you could book a barista and a coffee machine to work your booth? You could go the extra mile and save your guests a long queue at the exhibition cafe!
  4. A big part of your exhibition is going to be in showing people what you can do and what your business is about. Why not video a presentation about your business that you can screen in your exhibition booth and have on a loop?
  5. Speaking of videos, did you know that you could stream your exhibition? Get a camera set up and have it running – you’ll be able to get your viewers who couldn’t make it!
  6. Adding in a raffle or another type of contest is going to really set you up for success. People will want to win something free – it‘s why people come back over and over.
  7. Set up a Tweet wall and schedule tweets throughout the day. You can show your online audience what’s going on and let people tweet during the day!
  8. Set up an iPad station for people to sign up to your business from. They can stand at your display and sign up quickly without waiting around.
  9. Boost your online presence with QR code scanning and your very own hashtag, and make sure that both are on display.
  10. As a business, you need to bring your own iPads for people to sign up to what you’re offering. You’ll be able to provide the right information for your audience and help them to sign up. No one can say they don’t have the tools to do it if you supply the tools!
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